Essays on The United Nations

Syria and the United States of America

Syria and the United States of America are both sovereign countries and UN members. As a result, both countries are bound by international law. According to international law, a country's sovereignty must be respected, and any act of provocation to war by one country against another should be reviewed by...

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uprising in Libya

In 2011, the revolt in Libya against Muammar al Gadhafi's administration shaped international and local politics around a potential worldwide military action that included the proposed establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya. The United Nations (UN) Security Council enacted the War Power Resolution (WPR) of 1973 on March 17,...

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Are Human Rights Still Relevant in International Politics?

Since the establishment of the United Nations, the human rights discourse has appeared to be an insular universe. It is regarded as a system with its own standards, methods, and institutions. It is also perceived as a domain of experts that has yet to resonate with ordinary people's daily activities....

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Cyber Crime

I would like to thank all the governing delegates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and all the related partners who are present and committed to the war against crime and drugs. Russia's cybercrime trend is worrying, as it has risen over the years. 37% of...

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