Essays on International Relations

China's Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Today, the Chinese government has enhanced its foreign policy definition in the Middle East through its military intervention that involves arms trade, peacekeeping mission and anti-piracy operations in the region. The military is deployed in the region for peacekeeping missions and anti-piracy operations, which in turn is expected to boost...

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The Conflict Between Georgia And Abkhazia

Georgia-Abkhaz Conflict Georgia is a nation found at the intersection between Asian and Europe which was formerly a member of the Soviet Union with its capital at Tbilisi. The official languages are Georgian and Abkhaz. On the other end, the republic of Abkhazia, a de facto state, is located in the...

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China’s Role in the Middle East

China just like most Middle East countries had felt the impact of aggressive imperialism and can relate to these countries’ need to defend their sovereignty against foreign aggression. China seeks out new allies in the Middle East and developing countries who share its cultural revolutionary ideals. The Middle Eastern culture...

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R2P in China

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) emerged after the Rwanda mass atrocity in 1990 that necessitated intervention by the international community to prevent harm to human beings. The concept has continuously ascended in China and especially Beijing’s policies towards humanitarian crisis. The crises experienced in Syria, Darfur, and Libya elaborates China’s diplomacy...

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Theories of International Relations

World order is the power and authority distribution on the global stage by political players (Duncan et al. 30). The term "world order" may seem strange in the face of conflicting realities. Although it is assumed that states are the same in a formal sense, there are blatant inequalities between...

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The Role of Feminists in the International Politics

Amid the increased disparities and differing opinions brought about by social classes, concepts have been developing regarding these classes on the power and political directions. In that case, international relations which profoundly impact the world politics seem to be entangled with respect to social stratifications. In that respect, therefore, essential...

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The United States Unipolar International System

A great power in the discipline of international relations is one that excels in competence, size of population, political stability, size of territory, military strength, resource endowment and economic stability. These characteristics collectively referred to as power capabilities are a source of assurance for such a power the ability to...

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The Role of Territorial Politics in International Relations

The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly was graced by a territorial trap oriented speech by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The regional politics has affected the relationship between states. International relations tries to analyze the relationship between the different departments in different countries. According...

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The End of Cold War and Its Effects on International Relations

International Relations and Cold War International relations is the manner in which two or more countries associate with and view each other particularly in the circumstances of political, cultural, or economic relationships. International relations handle mutual relations among different nations and incline to lessen the action and activities of other players...

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The Importance of Human Rights in International Relations

In my point of view, I would recommend a change in the structure of the membership. At present, the permanent membership is comprised of five states that include France, the United States, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom (Sievers 14). In the council, ten non-permanent members are nominated by the...

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The Importance of Constructivism in International Relations

The Atlantic System and Washington Consensus which are some of the major alliances that have significantly influenced America's relationships with other regions of the world has faced various challenges, and election of Donald Trump as America's president has led to collapse of the previously mentioned alliances. According to Traub (1),...

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Analysis of United States Foreign Policy

The United States since the end of World War Two (WWII) has been in a position to maintain its leadership throughout its allies. The leadership, as well as the homogeny of U.S is based on the mutual consent by its allies who include Western Europe, Germany, and Japan. The American...

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