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United Kingdom’s Legal, Economic, Technological, and Political Climate

Since the United Kingdom is a member of the European Union, its economic structure is governed by the European Commission (EC) (EU). HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Department of International Trade contend with trade practices, regimes, and procedural matters governing imports into the UK (DIT). In order to…

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EU has experienced an unprecedented number of refugees since 2015

Since 2015, the EU has seen an extraordinary influx of migrants, many of whom are Syrians fleeing repression and fighting in their home country in search of a better life. Without a question, the Syrian civil war has resulted in a humanitarian nightmare and a global refugee crisis. Many travels…

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the european union refugee crisis

The European Union refugee crisis relates to the immigrant issue that the EU faced at the start of 2015, which saw an increase in the number of refugees in the country. These refugees have migrated through the region, across the Mediterranean Sea, and into the EU. The vast majority of…

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UK – A Federal State

The question of whether Britain has been a federal state has long been discussed. Tony Blair initiated the establishment of devolved parliaments and councils in states such as Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland (Wollmann & Kuhlmann, 2014). There have also been reports that, with the presence and power of the…

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about the brexit referendum

The United Kingdom held a referendum on its membership in the European Union on June 23, 2016. The poll tried to determine whether the citizens of the United Kingdom would depart or remain a member of the European Union (E.U.). This election was attended by representatives from each of the…

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european union and the refugee crisis

The European Union refugee crisis relates to the immigrant issue that the EU faced at the beginning of 2015, as the number of refugees in the country rose. These refugees made their way through the country, through the Mediterranean Sea, and into the EU. The vast majority of the refugees…

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Sweden is a republic in the European Union with a population of 9.4 million inhabitants. Poland and the Baltic states surround the nation to the south, Norway to the west, and Finland to the east. The nation has an extremely favorable economic history, which includes a debt-free country with highly…

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interrelation of the european union

Because of its economic reach, the European Union is referred to as an emerging powerhouse in the modern world. According to current United Nations statistics, all but one of its twenty-eight member countries have a very high human development index. Given its established norms, it has a common commercial center…

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The Roles of Various Arms of Government during the Brexit

The executive arm of the United Kingdom’s government lodged a petition with the European Union demanding its exit from the union. The United Kingdom cited Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which allows member states to leave the EU. In June 2016, the executive held a referendum in which the…

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Garment Workers

Are garment workers’ deaths on our hand? No” is an article written by means of Dough Saunders; it was first published in 2013 by Globe and Mail Newspaper. In essence, the paper focuses on the miseries that the Bangladesh garment employees undergo in North America and Europion Union in efforts…

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Adoption and Success of Fascism in Italy and Germany

The First World War has significant consequences for European governments and economies. The destruction caused by this war sparked the creation of a major political shift that spread through Europe. The philosophy of fascism was a revolutionary idea that was developing in a number of European democracies. Fascism seemed to…

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Education in Europe vs. in America

Globally, the education system varies. The services may be either the same or different, such as term dates and classes. Comparative education research focuses on the methodology and curriculum of studies between countries and continents (Manzon 1). It focuses on the relation between the studies and how they can be…

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