The Ethics of Progressive Taxation

Taxes can be divided into two based on their impact on the incomes of the rich and the poor. Progressive tax refers to tax rates that tend to be based more on higher-income individuals and thus have a higher impact on them (Horton). Regressive tax rates, on the other hand,...

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Taxation in the State of Texas

Collection of tax from Texans’ accounts for the most revenue generated by the state of Texas and other local governments within the state. There are various forms of taxes within the state such property tax, corporate tax, excise duty, sales tax among other forms of taxes.             For the smooth provision...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fat Tax in Denmark

In 2011, Danish leaders formulated the fat tax policy which they perceived was vital in ensuring that people live healthily by reducing the consumption of junk foods.[1] The Denmark's fat tax which targeted commodities that have a fat saturation above 2.3 % served to reduce the consumption of fatty foods...

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Texas Decision not to Have a State Income Tax

The paper focuses on evaluating and discussing Texas’ decision not to have a state income tax. Henceforth, the paper will tend to examine relevant arguments such as the reasons for their enactment of the policy, evaluation of the decision and the impact of the policy. The paper also analyses the...

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Corporate Income Tax

Corporate income tax is a tax levied on the profit of a company by the government. The rate of this income tax varies from country to country. Corporations are taxed like people, although they are mare legal entities very separate and distinct from the operators or owners. Companies, however, try...

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The Impact of the Federal Tax Changes on the States

The federal tax changes have caused a lot of anxiety in most of the States since it is observed as a potential mechanism for increasing the state revenue. The changes will be advantageous to many if not all residents of the United States. This is because they will be able...

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Is Tax Havens Morally Justifiable?

Is It Morally Justifiable for Businesses and Wealthy Individuals to Avoid Tax through the Use of Tax Havens and Other Tax Avoidance Techniques? Introduction In most countries, both developing and developed ones, paying tax is a social responsibility of everyone. Actually, taxation is one of the major sources of income for most...

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Use of Tax Havens and Other Tax Evasion Techniques by Rich Individuals and Corporations

In most countries, both developing and developed ones, paying of tax is a social responsibility of everyone. Actually, taxation is one of the major source of income for most governments, and this enables them manage to run economic development projects as well as enhancing the wellbeing of citizens. For this...

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Jeremiah Bolton’s scenario

The case, ATO 2010/56, which includes sections 15-15 and 6-5, discusses Jeremiah Bolton's hypothetical situation as a taxpayer. According to the court's decision in this instance, financial spread betting profits are taxable income. Despite Jeremiah Bolton's desire to partake in an enjoyable online gambling activity, it was determined that spread...

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Preventing Juvenile Recidivism

Due to implementation-related expenses, the US s criminal justice system places a heavy burden on the taxpayers. In addition, a sizeable part of the incarceration is due to juvenile recidivism; youths contribute to the overall rate of recurrence in place. The money is used extensively to combat youth recidivism. (McCollister,...

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Tax Rates changes for the upper class

Taxes are the lifeblood of the majority of countries. However, one of the most frequently discussed issues has been how tax responsibilities should be distributed among those with varying financial capacities. Most academics have written both in favor of and against the same. Most economies are currently in a period where...

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Money laundering mechanism

Criminals use money laundering as a means of evading detection and punishment. The main goal is to keep themselves and the proceeds of their criminal activity out of the hands of tax and law enforcement officials. Criminals have had an edge on this front for a long time. They have...

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