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Finances of a company

Cash Budget for Masson Corporation (In millions) Q1\sQ2\sQ3\sQ4 Initial receivables $120\s$60\s$80\s$100 Sales $90\s$120\s$150\s$120 Cash receipts ($150) ($100) ($130) ($140) Receivables coming to an end $60\s$80\s$100\s80 Total cash receipts $150\s$100 $130 $140 Total cash outlays ($80) ($160) ($180) ($160) Net cash inflows of $70 ($60) ($50) ($20). Starting cash balance $5\s$75\s$15\s($35) $70 in net cash inflow ($60) ($50) ($20) Cash balance at the end $75\s$15\s($35)\s($55) Minimum cash balance ($5) ($5) ($5)...

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Interbank Markets and Banking Crises

Current reserves equal $100,000, whereas loans equal $400,000. Total Deposits = (100,000 + 400,000) = $500,000 Because the Reserves Requirement is 5%, this means that the bank will keep 5% of total deposits. Hence, (5/100x 500,000) Equals $ 25,000. Considering that reserves equal $100,000 and 5% of total deposits equal $25,000, Surplus Reserves =...

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Creating Effective Information Systems

NPV can be computed by subtracting the PV of cash outflows from the PV of cash inflows. The idea is to compare the current value of money to the future value of an equivalent amount of money while accounting for the economy's inflation rate. NPV is used by investors to...

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Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement, as the name implies, summarizes a company's cash flow statement. When a corporation wants to show income based on cash flow, this statement is greatly preferable over the income statement, which does not provide much information on cash. The income statement emphasizes revenue rather than cash....

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Woodside Petroleum WACC

WACC for Woodside Petroleum is 4.74%. WACC is calculated using the following formula: WACC = D/V (1-t)Kd + E/V Ke, where D is the market value of the debt. E = equity market value V denotes the firm's market value. Kd = debt cost Ke = equity cost of capital T stands for tax rate. The weighted...

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Response to post 1 and 2

There is some excellent information about the indirect and direct techniques of creating a statement of cash flow! Since the net income is calculated first, as you have noticed, indirect procedures have been thought to be simpler than direct ones (Bradbury, 2011). In doing so, it is included in non-cash...

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Financial Information and Visual Presentation

There are frequently many decisions to be made in business. Financial reports can be useful in providing impartial data to support the decision-making process. These reports are generated on a regular basis. Financial reports that are generated in written form and frequently contain data that is organized in tables can...

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Direct and Indirect ways of cash flow systems

A cash flow statement is a financial record that shows how much money is coming in and going out of a company. Cash flow can be recorded in two ways: directly or indirectly. The primary distinction between the two monitoring systems is focused on financial operations, which are contained in...

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questions for discussion

Both the cash flow statement and other financial statements, such as the income statement and balance sheet statement, are associated because they rely on one another to provide critical details to management in order to promote the effectiveness of the decision-making process. For example, a cash balance statement shows cash...

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Business fundamentals: The cash flow cycle

The primary source of every single business operational cash flows is sales. Therefore important to protect, regulate and monitor incomes using internal controlling software. The revenue cycle, hence, plays a role in facilitating proper management of revenue (Anderson, 2017). The cycle begins when a company takes an order, and it's...

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Pyramid scheme of Madoff's

The pyramid scheme business model is an unconstitutional trick founded on the view of a hierarchical hierarchy of levels. The newly enrolled members make up the backbone of the pyramid and subsidize the burden by supplying support. Investors above them are formerly registered investors who only get half of their...

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Blu Jay Aviation, Inc. Financial Recommendations

The issue raised questions about the latest corporate financial plan, effective from 1 April 2017 to 15 September 2017. The following recommendations are made as guides for the following items: Accounting of assets: property, plant, equipment, and investment (PPE) Accounting of Shareholders' Liabilities Equity and Statement of Cash Flows Analysis...

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