Efficient auditing

Efficient auditing is expected for compliance with government regulatory structures and risk management at the organizational level. However, due to the difficulty of corporate processes and the types of financial audits that businesses may perform, auditing has become complicated and difficult. Businesses are beginning to recognize the value of audit…

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Audit of Organization

Institution: The mindset of the management is being thoughtless of the relevance of the function of the travel sellers toward the wishes of the organization. While the journey dealers are the principal area of interplay between the customers and the company, there are inadequate measures which have been put in…

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social audit and doctrine

The caveat emptor doctrine is the established principle that, when a purchaser enters into a purchasing deal, it is up to them to inspect the consistency, health, and status of the goods. It’s a Latin statement that translates to beware of the consumer. The buyer faces the burden of his…

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Accounting standards and audit failures

Auditory failures have been experienced over the years among world largest companies such as Enron, Tyco and worldcom. This has consequently affected the reputation of this companies leading to the non-existence of some such as Arthur Anderson. Auditing failures has posed serious concerns about the quality of audits and possible…

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