The Real Estate Market in Poland

The Polish real estate market is becoming increasingly prominent among global investors. Some of the factors that entice both foreign and domestic investors to invest in real estate in Poland include a stable and developed market, a rising economy, competitive capitalization rates, and low interest rates as compared to Western…

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The Relationship Between Firm Characteristics and Corporate Financial Disclosures in UAE Firms

This paper presents observational observations on the impact of business unique characteristics on corporation financial disclosures in the UAE. In all, 154 businesses, both listed and unlisted, took part in the survey. Multiple regression and descriptive predictive analyses are used to investigate the relationship between the characteristics of companies in…

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U.S foreign policy

The United States’ foreign policy establishes how the government deals with its different weapons as well with other countries around the globe. As a powerhouse, the program plays a critical role in enshrining the United States’ responsibility for numerous continental matters. According to the Department of State, the primary aims…

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Sustainable Development and FDI in Chile

Over the past seven years, there have been a surge in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into the Chilean economy. In 2015, the cumulative volume injected into the economy was USD 20 billion. As the most appealing investment destination economy, the country is just second to Brazil. The most notable…

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case study of iraq

A host of important topics are discussed on the Fragile States Index website, Foreign Policy. The concerns discussed focus on global defense, which has been a problem around borders, territories, countries, and the entire globe. It just takes a small amount of regional volatility to spread to the global level,…

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Sovereignty and its Two Dimensions

Sovereignty is the authority to do anything in a country without being held accountable, such as making rules, enforcing and enforcing laws, collecting and impressing taxation, creating war and peace, and forming alliances and agreements with foreign nations. Sovereignty in government, on the other hand, applies to the public body…

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canada’s approach to africa and foreign policy

Over the last few years, Canada’s relationship with Africa has been sluggish. Many debates have erupted over Canada’s foreign policy, particularly its withdrawal from African peacekeeping missions, humanitarian aid, and economic involvement. Canada’s neglect of the continent stems from pre-existing views of poverty, war, and political unrest. Previous regimes shied…

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vietnam war, development and security

The Vietnam War was a confrontation that lasted from 1954 to 1975. It was mostly due to foreign countries’ attempts to expand their philosophies and accomplish their goals while weakening Vietnamese interests. The result was a loss of life as well as physical, social, and political stagnation in the world…

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Businesses are becoming more multinational as countries begin to accelerate the ease of starting up international investment. Copying and pasting the corporate and national culture of another business or region will often end in a tragic failure as the world is complex. A feasibility analysis is being conducted as a…

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Should Community Service Providers Promote Ethnic Enclaves

An ethnic enclave is a foreign group within a country that retains its national identity. The rise of industrialization in the 19th century made them rampant (Hopper, 2012). The benefits and drawbacks of these cultures. The benefits, however, outweigh the following drawbacks. Enclaves encourage immigrants to get cheaper homes and…

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A Writer, Me?

This course is really important and thrilling to me. Since I am a foreigner who was born in Brazil, my first language is Portuguese. I’ve been learning English since I was in grade school, but we were still more focused on verbal speech than written communication. This makes it easy…

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