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My Decision to Study Medicine in Canada

I grew up in a culture where the family is important. Unlike the Western Culture, teenagers turning 18 years did not have to leave their homes and live independently. Education in our society is highly valued, and it was linked to honor and shame. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a...

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The Post-Industrial Society in Canada

An Industrial Society An industrial society refers to a community characterized by a massive production of goods and services. As a result, human labor cannot satisfy thus the need to apply the use of complex machines and technology to obtain finish goods. The automation of work in industries phases away the...

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Income Inequality and Insecurity in the Canadian Labour Market

Uneven distribution of employment opportunities has adverse effects on any given labor market. This leads to inequality. Inequality in this perspective refers to differences in statuses, experience and outcomes among various groups of individuals (Krahn, Lowe, " Hughes, 2011). The inequality gives rise to a sense of insecurity to these individuals....

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The Rise and Fall of Quebec's Sovereignty Movement

Introduction From west to east, Canada has ten provinces. Quebec province is one of them, and the only province agitating for its sovereignty due to several factors such as ethno-nationalism character, religious differences, and assimilation (Duerr). Parti Que'necois is the primary mainstream political vehicle for the movement which has governed by...

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The Role of The Royal Proclamation in the Indian Act

The Indian Act was purposefully legislated to enable the Canadian government administer Indian status, manage reserve land and communal monies, and relate with first governments. The Act defines how the federal government relates with the first Nation in Canada and their members. The scope within which the act operates is...

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The History of the Sikh Immigration into Canada

The twentieth-century Canadian history points out that several races of foreign-born people focused on settling in Canada’s new lands (Arora " Bava, 2018). The Sikhs had the intention to create business empires because of the significant opportunities they would derive from their operations. The race factor has for some time...

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Analysis of Liberalism, Conservatism, and Socialism in Canada

Political parties around the world define themselves based on their unique worldview of social, economic, and political aspects of the society. The elaborate ideological formation then plays a key role in drawing support from the masses and ultimately defining the direction of a country. As a multiparty democracy, Canada has...

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The Liberal and Conservative Parties in Canada

Most political parties, particularly in the developed world are guided by ideologies which reflect their outlook on how the society should be socially, economically and politically organized. These sets of beliefs are essential in drawing support from the voters that can easily identify the best policies worth supporting. Because of...

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The Financing and Administration of Health Care in Canada

Due to the complex nature of the various policy problems in Canada There is no clear-cut answer as to whether provincial or federal actors are better suited to deal with the various aspects of each problem. In many cases, the federal government is needed in conjunction with provincial governments to implement...

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The Land for All in Canada

Multiculturalism in any country is defined as the quality if intercultural relations in that country or region. In Canada, the policy of multiculturalism was introduced in 1971 by an act of the Legislature. The goal of the multiculturalism policy was to improve the quality of intercultural relations in the country....

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The Canadian House of Commons: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The Canadian House of Commons was established in 1867 as a result of the British America Act passed by the British Parliament (Godbout " Høyland 773). The Act united the Province of Canada that was separated into the Ontario and Quebec (Godbout " Høyland 773). The Canadian Parliament became constituted...

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The Relationship Between Canada and The United States

The Relationship Between Canada and the United States The government of Canada has for a long time been experiencing various issues regarding the development of their country. It is, therefore, the role of the legislature to make and amend rules that will govern the nation to ensure that some of these...

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