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The U.S. Embargo on Cuba: Impacts on Trade and Human Development

Introduction For nearly six decades, the U.S. has enforced an official ban (el bloqueo) on trade and other economic transactions against Cuba. Since its introduction, the embargo has been the center of many political and socio-economic debates. In 2014, President Obama's administration made a significant shift towards normalizing the relations between...

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The Debt Crisis in Latin America

Latin America has endured years of debt crises associated with Toxic past, liberalization of financial markets and unanticipated shocks. No matter how realistic debt relief is, it is always viewed as risky to international financial systems and the debtor countries are coerced to repay higher interests on historical loans without...

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Latin America immigration to the US

Most Latin American countries have a sizable proportion of "mestizos," or people of mixed indigenous and European ancestry. (Dorfman, 1998). The unmixed indigenous have a propensity to adhere to traditional culture, such as dialect and clothing, whereas mestizos tend to speak a Latin dialect and wear, for the most part,...

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Stimulants and drugs in Latin America: Research Essay

Latin America's Historical Economic Growth Since the time before industrialization and before capitalism, Latin America has consistently been a significant producer of goods like stimulants and drugs. This is a crucial place to start when describing Latin America's historical economic growth. The fact that the producers in the supply chain of...

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Human Rights Culture

The genre of culture is characterized by elements of diversity in the arts, language, music, religion, social customs, and cuisine; ranging from communities, countries, and continents. Culture is a composition of information and characteristics of a particular set of people. As time passes, culture changes. Since culture continues to be...

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Stimulants and Drugs in Latin America

In Latin America, the use of drugs and stimulants has increased over time The ineffective measures that have been implemented to address the problem are blamed for the increase in substance abuse. The prohibition of alcohol and drugs was one of the steps the US Congress implemented to address the problems....

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The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America by Stephen G. Rabe

The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America, by renowned scholar Stephen G. Rabe, provides a detailed account of what happened in Latin America during the Cold War era. The book is widely praised for its in-depth analysis and criticism of the US government's then-regional policies....

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Figure of Cuauhtémoc as an Indigenista Symbol in Post-Revolutionary Mexico

Cuauhtémoc's image as an indigenousist emblem in post-revolutionary Mexico Indigenismo is a political philosophy that originated in Latin America in the late 19th century and had a significant impact throughout the entire 20th century, especially in Mexico. It influenced the interactions between the state and the indigenous people in Mexico...

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The Origins of Creating a Story through Magical Realism in Latin American Culture

Magical realism is a kind of narrative literature that incorporates a variety of subtly diverse notions that incorporate magical elements into real-world occurrences (López-Calvo 12). Fables, myths, and allegory that combine supernatural characteristics portrayed in a real-world setting are also included in magical realism. South America was the birthplace of...

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The novel “The Squatter and the Don”

Mara Ruiz de Burton's novel "The Squatter and the Don" Mara Ruiz de Burton's novel "The Squatter and the Don" is based on a true event about Spanish squatters and a Hispanic settler named Don Mariano who lived in San Diego County. Don is wealthy and appears to have more influence...

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Effects of Economic Factors in Latin America

When it comes to product export, South America is a force to be reckoned with. These countries trade in a variety of exports in order to keep their economy afloat. Argentina, for example, is well-known for exporting meat and wine from its famous Mendoza area. There is also Bolivia, which...

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Venezuela Dictatorship

On the northern coast of South America is a nation called Venezuela. Mr. Maduro is the president of Venezuela, and he presides over it under a federal republican system as its main form of government. However, Mr. Maduro primarily favors a shift from the national Republican party to an open...

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