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Single-Party Dominance in Mexico and China

Single-Party Dominance in Mexico and China Ty in Mexico dominated power over the seven decades due to its use of corporatism. Interest groups in all sectors of the economy under corporatism were well represented. Different people's interest being catered for by the party led to smooth running of the government as...

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Reflections on Childhood in Mexico

There are a myriad of things that differentiate us as individual human beings. Among these things is our childhood. This is since we all experienced different and unique backgrounds that ultimately set us apart from each other. For my part, my days in Mexico have been of great influence to...

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The Impact of Illegal Immigration on America's Taxpayers

It is the key responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security to safeguard the United States’ borders to prevent illegal immigration. The government has been increasing budget allocations to border security, but still, the borders are not secure. Due to the increased number of immigrants in the U.S., the issue...

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City Life Explored: The Pulse and Pace of Urban Living

It is a bright morning. From the fourth second floor of our apartment, I can see the people pass each other without any form of greetings. I was disturbed because back in the village all I could see my people do is that before you touch anything, you must make...

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Humanitarian Crisis in Mexico

The Mexico News Daily dated the 14the November 2018 addresses the humanitarian crisis in the port city of Veracruz in Mexico. According to the author of the newspaper, the city has had rotten past regime in which administration oversaw corrupt dealings including mass killings of people as well as financial...

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Measures to be taken in preparation for depreciating Mexican Peso

When the Mexican Peso depreciates by 30% against the dollar, it shows that Mexico is facing inflation. Inflation has negative implications on the cost of doing business. For example, the prices of raw materials will rise as taxes and other government levies also increase (Nakatani 62). Therefore, as a chief...

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The Roots of the Traditions

Since time immemorial, both Mexicans and Americans have embraced death as a part of their culture. “The Aztecs and Mayans were both warriors, whose traditions involved human sacrifice, which demonstrates casual acceptance of death. Combine this ancient belief with the Catholicism that missionaries brought to their country and funeral attendees...

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The Transition From Sustenance Gathering To Food Production In Mesoamerica

According to Paul Kirchoff, Mesoamerica was the main area of influence among the Mexican cultures in the pre-Columbian area. The region spans from Mexico all the way to Panama. The shift from cultivating food to producing food is thought to have taken place in Mesoamerica during the Late Pleistocene period...

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The Life of Triqui Migrants

The Triqui people are the indigenous population residing in the Oaxaca State in Mexico country. The community lives in a mountainous region divided into three regions: Copala is the bottom region; San Martin Itunyoso makes the middle part and the high area of San Andrés de Chicahuaxtla. The Triqui in...

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Where Local Meets Global: Environmental Justice on the US-Mexico Border

It is clear from David Carruthers' essay Where Local Meets Global: Environmental Justice on the US-Mexico Border that the author places particular emphasis on the effects felt by people who live close to the border. According to the author, the near to the border export assembly plants' industrial waste is...

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Sugar Skull and the Marigold

The Day of the Dead festival, observed primarily in Mexico's south and center on November 1 and 2, is marked by the use of the iconic sugar skull. The occasion honors and pays tribute to departed family members and forefathers. (Brandes 183). It also goes by the name Calaveras. Although...

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legacy of Lazaro Cardenas

Lazaro Cardenas presided over the most radical stage of the Mexican revolution, also known as the second revolution, from the years 1934 to 1940, which is when he served as president of the Mexican nation. His government supported the demands of industrial workers for better pay, better working circumstances, and...

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