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Business Ethics Midterm Exam

The endeavor of rule utilitarianism to further act utilitarianism is successful. According to act utilitarianism, a deed is moral if it results in the greatest good for the largest number of individuals. Justice and promises are moral ideas that do not allow for post-action judgment. The parties involved in justice...

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Why do individuals and firms specialize and trade with one another? Who benefits?

When a single country or even a person has a comparative advantage in terms of production, they have the potential to tremendously gain from trade and specialization (Hummels, & Schaur, 2012). Individuals and businesses, realizing this, contemplate specialized and trading with one another for a variety of reasons. To begin...

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What Is Comparative Advantage?

A comparative advantage is an economic concept that describes how a country or company can produce something more efficiently than its trading partners. It is a central idea in international trade, which is one of the most important factors for world economic growth. Originally developed by the 19th century British economist...

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