Essays on Macroeconomics

The Differences between Neoclassical Economics and Keynesian Economics

Keynesian economics is an economic term, developed by John Mayanard Keynes. He is acknowledged by economists as the chief economists of the 20th century. John’s theory of interest, money, and employment was published in the year 1936. According to Keynes, monetary policies (interest rates) are the primary instruments to stabilize demand...

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Scientists, policymakers and Economists

Economists are qualified as both scientists and policymakers for a variety of reasons. They are classed in both ways based on their work. They are scientists because they develop models and hypotheses that can be tested using data. Economists are concerned with the distribution of resources such as raw materials,...

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outlook for the US economic growth

In terms of primary economic growth indicators, the outlook for US economic growth is favorable. The poor growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States is a macroeconomic issue. The GDP is an important economic growth metric for any country, and the United States is no exception....

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Trade barriers in macroeconomics

A trade barrier and its consequences A trade barrier is concerned with levies on specific imports. Following Trump's election to the presidency, he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, costing the country billions of dollars in annual earnings from diverse North American exports, not to mention the ever-expanding Asian economy. Additionally, (Mohan...

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Analyzing Macroeconomic Data, BMCC Newsletter Nov 11, 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly employment report, released on November 3, 2017, is extremely enlightening about the condition of the US economy. The report reflects a steadily growing economy that is daily matching towards full employment, where every willing and able to work person will be employed; this is...

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Essay on European monetary union

The European Monetary Union The European Monetary Union was established in January 1999, when eleven European countries adopted a unified currency. Membership in the EMU required each country to meet the requirements outlined in the Maastricht Treaty in order to ensure a high level of minimal merging among the members (Rastrigina...

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Real GDP

The actual gross domestic product is a significant factor in macroeconomics. It is significant for two reasons. First, it aids in estimating economic growth by measuring the actual GDP growth rate. A nation with a high rate of real GDP growth is well positioned to lure corporate investors while still...

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The Desired Economic growth in America

Macroeconomics is a field of economic theory concerned with the conduct of the whole economy. Many economic problems continue to plague the United States of America today. In contrast to other others, the United States is a global behemoth of one of the most prosperous economies. This comparison is supported...

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Men's and Women's Gender Roles

Several development analysts have recently failed to evaluate growth strategies and equally conventional trade. This is due to the persistent questions over gender inequality in most countries, particularly those in developed countries. It is worth noting that this particular body of work was needed to examine the current connection between gender...

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