Essays on Economic Inequality

Economic Injustice in Cape Town

Economic justice is one of the primary social fairness components comprising of a collection of moral principles that facilitate the establishment of economic institutions aimed at creating opportunities for all people to have access to material foundation. However, it is a different scenario in Cape Town since water supply levels...

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Australian Society is Unequal

Economic Inequality in Australian SocietyWhen people have unequal possibilities or access to money and income, that is when economic inequality is present. Economic inequality predominates in Australian society when it comes to earnings and wages. The salary disparity between individuals with high salaries and those with low earnings is widening.Measuring...

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social and economic inequalities

The Inequality in Resource Allocation The inequality in resource allocation is largely due to an individual's social and economic disparities within a country. The crisis has resulted in a situation in which the majority of people are unable to fulfill their basic needs such as food, clothes, and housing, and are...

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Inequality for All

Inequality for All' is a Robert Reich documentary describing economic inequality, the wealth gap between the affluent and the medium Americans. The economic inequality caused in the United States dates back to the post-World War II era, particularly the late 1970s. In the 1970's the productivity rate rose quickly and...

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About Poverty

Poverty and Its Causes Poverty can be characterized as a condition where resources are lacking for an individual, institution or nation and where access to basic needs such as food, medical care and shelter cannot be afforded. Poverty is complex and varies from economic, social, and political issues. Poverty is measured...

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Economic inequality has a significant impact on societies.

Economic Disparity Impacts Communities A high degree of economic inequality is characterized by the current economy, with most citizens falling at the base of the continuum, the lower and middle classes. Economic Disparities and Factors in Social Terms Economic disparity has an impact on numerous social factors, such as access to healthcare and...

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