Credit forms and Role of Credit

Credit and the US Economy Credit is an important component of the US economy since it serves as a transaction mechanism between the US and its borrowers, with the borrowing countries repaying the money granted to them with interest. The credit boosts expenditure in the US economy, improving income levels (Knoop,...

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Credit score importance

Credit score is a numerical measure of an individual's credit worthiness since it reflects the possibility of the individual repaying or defaulting on the loan amount borrowed based on his borrowing history. Hurley and Adebayo (2016) It enables lenders to determine how much loan and at what interest rate an...

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Double Entry Accounting System

A double entry system of accounting has both the debit and credit sides of entries. The device of accounting works on two regulations and the policies suggest that for all the operations of a business, there is creation of the T side of the account and at the identical growing...

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