Crude Oil Price Fluctuations

Crude oil is one of the natural fossil fuels that is mined from the beneath the surface of the earth that originates from the geological formations. In the extraction process, machines are used to drill the sedentary rocks to the basin where these deposits are. It is needless to mention...

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The Fluctuation of the Crude Oil Prices

In the last two decades, after the collapse of the oil market in 1998, there have been significant fluctuations in the global oil prices. Oil is a commodity and thus is expected to have changes in price as it is affected by the law of supply and demand. However, the...

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The Hundred-Dollar Barrel Crisis

The international economy and financial markets react to changes in the oil industry, which bodes poorly for them when the value of oil reaches a hundred dollars per barrel. Market experts predict costs of between ninety and a hundred dollars by the time the year ends. An analyst commented that...

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Social and Environmental Impacts of Using Bioethanol Fuel

Bioethanol fuel is a product that results from the fermentation of sugar. It can also be manufactured by chemical means. For example, reacting steam and ethylene. A large percentage of big sugar industries can be a good source of ethanol since sugar is a great an essential raw material in...

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Oil Shale: What Is It?

A sedimentary rock with a large amount of kerogen is referred to as oil shale. Chemicals and biological compounds combine to form kerogen. The rock can be used to remove hydrocarbons using technology. Authorities' Marjory later characterized the phrase as a type of promotional missioner. This is explained by the...

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Procedure on how to Change Oil in a Car.

Very few individuals are aware of the mechanism that powers a car's motion from point A to point B. In actuality, the majority of people are drawn to a car's exterior features, such as its color, size, shape, internal design, and wheels. The engine, which is powered by fuel such...

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Secretary Of Energy

The economic ramifications of Iranian intervention and the potential for wider conflict in the Middle East will likely focus on the use of oil as a weapon because other major producers like Saudi Arabia may be forced to do so in order to exert pressure on Iran and gain more...

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Oil and Economic Growth in Iraq

Iraq is one of the countries in the globe that contribute significant amounts of oil energy to the global economy, accounting for approximately 4% of global oil production. This figure is ascribed to the country's enormous oil deposits and the government of Iraq's heavy investment in the oil business, which...

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British Petroleum - business analysis

British Petroleum is one of the world's largest oil producers. The organization provides services and products to customers all around the world. The firm is in charge of natural gas and oil exploration, production, and field development. For long years, British petroleum segments have focused on marketing and refining petrochemicals,...

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The Chevron Corporation

Chevron Company was established on June 19, 1879. Pacific Coast Oil Company was its original name. On June 23, 1984, the name was changed to Chevron Corporation. It is still known by the same name (Corporation, 2001; Dutta, 2013). It is a publicly traded firm headquartered in San Ramon, California,...

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Saudi Aramco Valuation

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian state-owned and controlled petroleum and natural gas company headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It was created in 1933 as the Californian-Arabian Standard Oil Company and was renamed Arabian-American Oil Company or Aramco in 1944. Petroleum, natural gas, and various petrochemicals are among its products....

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Woodside Petroleum Ltd

This analytical report provides a summary of Woodside Petroleum Ltd's business and activities in June 2017. There's also a breakdown of the shareholder analysis, risk-return analysis, cost of capital, and financial statement analysis. I outline Woodside's owners, the returns on their investment, the cost of capital, and an analysis of...

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