Essays on World Economy

“Economentality: How the Future Entered Government.”

Before 1948 or the time before World War II, the economy was not well understood by the general public. The word economy was seen from a conventional standpoint as a process rather than a product. The author’s major claim is that there aren’t many or any economists who have a…

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Different Shifts in world economy

Factors like entrepreneurship, capital goods, human capital, and natural resources influenced the current and contemporary economy. Most nations are now able to participate in international trade and export due to changes in the economic sector experienced on a global scale. This endeavor to end a few countries’ monopoly on the…

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Middle East Investment

Sweden has a sophisticated economy focused on exports that is expanding quickly because to improved development in several industrial sectors. It earned $159 billion in export revenue in 2015. (Unegbu and Okanlawon 39). The industries of forestry, hydropower, and iron ore contribute to the economy’s ongoing expansion. Germany, the United…

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About China’s Economy

The country’s GDP in 2016 was $21.27 trillion, making it the largest economy in the world based on purchasing power parity. Despite having a sizable GDP, the nation nonetheless has low living standards. In contrast to the United States, where the per capita income is $57,300, it is $15,400. Due…

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Impacts of the Great Recession

The term “great recession” refers to a time period in the late 2000s marked by a downturn in the economy or a significant drop in global economic activity (Neal 1099). Near the end of 2007, the US economy entered a recession, and worries grew as a severe financial crisis damaged…

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types of capitalism

Varieties of Capitalism is considered to be the most important theory on the variability of capitalism among all those put out by different experts. Although Hall and Soskice’s (2001) hypothesis is commonly used in economics research, several academics have criticized it. The way various economic actors interact has evolved significantly…

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The Effect of Falling Oil Prices until 2021

Several consequences are anticipated if oil prices fall in the next five years. The reduction would have an effect on various aspects of the economy, including transportation and industry costs. Even though the drop in oil prices is good news for some, especially importers, it is bad news for exporters…

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Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the United States, 2007-2009

The Great Recession in the United States lasted a year, from the second quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2009, which is linked to the 2007-2008 banking crash and the 2007-2009 subprime mortgage crisis in the United States (Mimir, 2016). Economists have proposed numerous reasons for the occurrences…

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Economy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known as a federation of seven states. The UAE has risen economically as a result of global economic downturns and has become a significant economic hub in the Middle East. UEA is regarded as one of the most secular countries in the world, and…

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The Effects of Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training on Organizations

The increasing competition in the global economy necessitates that companies, especially Multinational Enterprises, engage in cross-cultural training in order to achieve corporate mission objectives, among other benefits (Aguinis & Kraiger 2009, p.452). The societal process is described as an organization’s learning processes aimed at promoting cultural integration among foreign employees…

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How Do Software Engineers Consider the Ethical Implications of Their Work?

Ethical concerns extend to all occupations and sectors in the broader global economy. The ethics of a job applies to the proper methods of doing business in a respectable fashion as specified by the profession’s code of conduct. There are ethical issues in the information engineering community that engineers apply…

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Stiglitz’s critique of the IMF

As one of the world’s leading economists today, Joseph E. Stiglitz’s perspective on a number of subjects can never be discounted. He has distinguished himself as a dynamic intellectual, and his Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to economics is a testament to his one-of-a-kind contribution in the field. However,…

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