Essays on Economic Growth

The Economic Growth of Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes

Democracy is an important political concept that supports the participation of the public in a country's decision-making processes. Democratic countries uphold the essence of the representing the citizens in discussions of public interest. For this reason, democratic countries realize significant economic growth and development since democracy supports the equitable distribution...

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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) The organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) has the objective of making improvements in the social well-being and economic growth of people across all regions in the world. OECD partners with different government bodies to determine the best policies to implement in...

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The Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth

Human capital is defined as the knowledge, skills and competencies possessed by the labour market which is used to produce goods, services and ideas. Various attributes are embodied in human capital. For instance, a person’s education might be good but possess poor management skills. Human capital is therefore dimensional and...

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Europe’s history

In the 19th Century: Rise of Nationalism In the 19th century, European history underwent transformation. This was caused by the rise of nationalism at that time. The French Revolution with Napoleon and Napoleon's code influencing lawmakers and resulting in political transformations was the primary cause of nationalism. (Samson, 752). Causes of Opposition:...

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Advent of steam-powered railroads

The Impact of Steam-Powered Railroads on America's Commercial and Social Landscape The introduction of steam-powered railroads during the 19th century significantly altered both America's commercial and social landscape. Across the United States of America, the transportation, technology, communication, industrial, and agricultural sectors underwent major changes. It served as a marker for...

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Civil War and Industrialization

In the United States of America, industrial development started in the 1800s and persisted even after the Civil War. Even though the industry sector had not expanded significantly by the end of the conflict, it was still necessary to use hand labor, which was still widely used, which limited the...

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The Theory of Justice in a Warming Climate -- John Rawls'

The concepts of John Rawls' theory of justice are used as the lens text in Kunnas' paper, "The Theory of Justice in a Warming Climate -- John Rawls' Theory Applied to Finland," to examine whether further economic growth could be justified in a warming environment. The author's goal is to...

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The security of a nation

A country's economic growth is directly impacted by its level of security Specifically, before putting their business plan into action, the majority of investors consider the level of security in a country. This is the main justification for why most countries—both developed and developing—are determined to put the necessary security measures...

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International trade, crucial aspects of a nation’s economy

"One of the most important parts of a country's economy is international trade. Countries with a trade surplus outperform ones with deficits. It is important to note that the primary economic theory employed in international trade is the staple theory. The adoption and application of this strategy is based on...

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The Impact of Different Economic Concepts on Australian Economy

Australia's Economic Growth Australia's economic growth has been influenced by a variety of economic activity and trends. The value of national expenditure and output has increased, resulting in an increase in real GDP. Furthermore, a boost in the aggregate supply and aggregate demand for investment, capital, and labor productivity has resulted...

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The Global Recession and Collapse of Wall Street

Between 2000 and 2010 There were several actions that had an impact on economic growth, either positively or badly (Algan & Cahuc, 2010). The introduction of the internet in the mid-2000s Created a new route for business opportunities, resulting in a new generation of entrepreneurs in the online business (Samarajiva, 2010). Computer firms...

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India’s Economic Fundamentals Remain Strong

Economic growth refers to the country's ability to produce more than in previous periods. This is attributed to increased consumer spending as a result of the job growth rate. Economic growth can be simply measured by calculating a country's gross domestic product. This is the total output of a country's...

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