Essays on Economic Growth

Economic Impact of Subsidized Industrial R&D in Israel

The article The Economic Effects of Subsidized Industry R&D in Israel by (Justman and Zuscovitch) explores how the Israeli government has granted contingent subsidies to select businesses, influencing employment, trade deficits, product quality, and overall economic growth. On the basis of data collected between 1987 and 1984, (Justman and Zuscovitch)...

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The business cycle

The business cycle is divided into four stages. The economy grows by a minor percentage of roughly 2% during expansion. At the peak stage, the economy develops even more, but the expanding economy causes inflation by driving up prices. The economy is slowly increasing in the third stage of contraction,...

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U.S. Trade Gap Widens on Surging Imports

The criteria used to measure economic growth are time-bound, with one of the timelines being each quarter of the year. The preceding post was written on May 5th, 2015, just one month after the end of the first quarter, a time when economists and Wall Street experts examine economic growth...

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Multiplier Effects

The debate will center on the decade from 1949 and 1959, when the United States of America encountered numerous hurdles as it worked to establish worldwide economic dominance. This period was defined by the end of the Second World War, which saw many European countries slip into recession, with the...

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Essay on History of economic

The essay focuses on the Marginality School of Neoclassical Economics' critique of post-Keynesian Economics (Arestis, 113). The idea explains how to achieve consistent economic growth using three driving forces: capital, labor, and technology. According to neoclassical theory, the state of equilibrium can be obtained by varying the amount of energy...

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The inflation rate in the United States

The United States' inflation rate is currently low, resulting in slow economic development. Low inflation in the United States can be attributed to a variety of factors, including consumer caution. Another reason is that numerous companies and businesses have similarly limited their investment. Nevertheless, US Federal Reserve officials' predictions and...

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Economic Impacts of Video Games

The video game business has grown so rapidly over the years that its economic benefits cannot be overlooked. The gaming industry is now on par with the other major entertainment sectors in terms of size. The gaming business employs many people and contributes billions to the economies of several countries....

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Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

There must be certain factors that influence the development and economics of each given country. Nuclear weapons, for example, can generate a deadly explosion. This is due to the fact that when they detonate, they emit an extremely strong bomb due to the fission of uranium atoms, which have a...

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Tourism benefits

Tourism is one of the world's most important economic activity. It is primarily related with foreign exchange because most tourists come from all over the world. As a result, the purpose of this study is to examine the potential effects of tourism in my region. My neighborhood, for example, is...

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Progressive economic growth

To accomplish a significant improvement in the nation's economy, progressive economic growth and intellectual advancement are mutually dependent. However, if the government does not step in and offer the necessary financial and policy assistance, this could not be feasible (Knafo, 2013). The Canadian government concentrates on strengthening and modernizing educational...

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Anti-Corruption Campaign of Xi Jinping

The last 30 years have seen both huge economic growth and a significant surge in corruption. The country now ranks 80th in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, but it also has one of the highest GDP per capita growth rates in the world. Many economists refer to this pattern...

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poverty suppression

The major focal questions in growth economics are the main reason why certain countries have remained poor for a long time. Nonetheless, general approaches to poverty alleviation strategies can be identified (Martinez-Vazquez and McNab 2003, p.1597). A conclusion to the preceding inquiry is why a similar package of methods varies...

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