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Your computer essay can accentuate the history of computers and the direction computer science takes now. The process of human interaction with computers has been going on for more than 40 years – multifold computer essays highlight the main points of this interaction. Until recently, only specialists like engineers, mathematicians, and programmers could participate in this process. In recent years, there have been dramatic changes in the field of computing, which essays should point out. Thanks to the development and introduction of microprocessors, small-sized, user-friendly personal computers have appeared. So, the situation has changed – any person can be a computer user now: schoolboy or retiree, doctor or teacher, worker or engineer, etc. Go over our computer essay samples below for copious data on the subject. Provided samples of essays on computer will help with your essay research.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Passwords and data are at risk because of the practice from traffic interceptions like sniffing. This has been established by earlier studies with commuters who maliciously access sensitive data and information through public Wi-Fi provided by businesses, including those that are free, unreliable, or unsafe (""The perils of public wireless...

Words: 179

Pages: 1

Theory and Practice: Understanding Organisations

Recently, there has been a surge in interest in the computerization of processes around the world, as more and more operations are not only moved online (where possible), but also automated (where such possibility exists). Dell Computers Inc., situated in the United States, is a major player in the computer...

Words: 2757

Pages: 11

Digital data communications signals

Sigint has gotten actively involved with a new type of electronic communications medium in the recent decade: digital data communications signals, which relate to the transfer of massive amounts of digital data between computer systems and networks. Electronic bank transfer data is a prime example of traffic traveling across this...

Words: 930

Pages: 4

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a networking technique that allows network cables to transport power. The constant improvement of computers has enabled this technique. Throughout the years, mobility has become a major issue in the design of computers, and as a result, classic desktop computers have given way to tiny...

Words: 607

Pages: 3

How Data Will Change Business

The big data revolution is rapidly transforming the way business has been conducted since the invention of the first computer. Currently, an investor does not need to consider how his competition operates; rather, their focus should change from the vertical structure of the business to the horizontal format. According to...

Words: 970

Pages: 4

Dynamic host control protocol

The dynamic host control protocol is a popular and effective networking design. In this day and age, it is difficult to find a network-capable gadget that does not include DHCP capability. Computers, smart phones, printers, and a variety of other devices can get a dynamic IP address using DHCP, and...

Words: 1432

Pages: 6

Explain when to use these different types of loops

The For Loop is used to allow the repetition of a specific part of code for a predetermined number of times. At times, the computer is the one that knows how many times to repeat the code. The For Loop, for example, will be used in a code to verify...

Words: 571

Pages: 3


The twenty-first century has seen a surge in innovation and the use of new technology in company operations. More particularly, developments in computing, information technology, and robots have aided in the advancement of corporate activities. The logistics industry has not been left behind in these advances; nowadays, a myriad of...

Words: 1925

Pages: 7

Operating System Virtualization and Cloud Computing

There is no doubt that technology has improved since the days of gigantic mainframe computers that could only be afforded by universities and major corporations. Then came the age of personal computers, which were affordable to nearly any average customer. Yet now that we have multi-core processors, enormous quantities of...

Words: 2926

Pages: 11

Request for Proposal for Hardware Solutions for Electronic Health Records

To satisfy the deadline for the procurement board's initial approval, all RFP replies must be received electronically by close of business (5:00 PM) -5GMT on July 19, 2017. Any bidders who intend to submit a proposal must submit an electronic response with any questions about the RFP by July 10th,...

Words: 836

Pages: 4

Hacking issue or crime

Today, most firms face life-threatening and disruptive cyberattacks like hacking, network failures, computer viruses, and others. The possibility of exploitation rises with increased digitization. Despite growing investment in digital asset protection by organizations, it is difficult to go a week without a significant security breach. The attacks are conducted for...

Words: 4275

Pages: 16

General Instructions for all Assignments

Unless otherwise directed by your course instructor, save this assignment template to your computer using the following file naming convention: Last First Unit number Course number Section number Last First Unit number Insert the following information at the top of the template: Your name, course number, section number, and the date Fill...

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