Essays on Information Systems

Analysing data

The website’s population statistics cover the period from 1980 to 2015. This dataset contains the actual historical data that was analyzed. All of the data for 2016 and 2017 have been predicted. Using historical data from the previous 10 years, from 2006 to 2015, was a wise choice for our…

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Reflection Journal

For company owners, the information era has brought unparalleled challenges as well as similarly rewarding opportunities. For one thing, increased access to vast amounts of information has complicated market analysis due to the challenges of collecting information that is respectful of the entrepreneurial process while still maintaining responsible business behaviour….

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information system components

The information system is an interconnected set of modules that work together to collect, store, and transmit data (Galliers, 2014). This machine is made up of five components: hardware (physical component), software (data coding programs), database, network access, and users (people). In accordance with the technical aspect, this paper analyzes…

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The Internet of Things and Fake News

In the last five months, the term “fake news” has grown in common. The term is interpreted differently by different individuals. The media publishes news on the internet, which is dependent on people’s reactions to the news and inner behavior. This can decide whether or not news is labeled as…

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Surveillance in the city

Tracking refers to the process of monitoring a person or activity. It is likewise an ongoing procedure or operation to obtain appropriate information on a particular event. Monitoring in a school setting is of utmost importance as it is important to maintain a high degree of discipline and to minimize…

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artificial intelligence implication in cardiovascular medicine

Artificial intelligence is a branch of information technology that imitates human intelligence, reasoning, understanding and memory. Artificial Intelligence is used in cardiovascular medicine to detect new genotypes and phenotypes of existing diseases, improve the quality of hospital care, decrease the cost of medicine, reduce the rate of re-admission and reduce…

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