Talking VS Texting comparison

The use of spoken words to express or exchange thoughts is referred to as talking. Speaking is the process by which thoughts and ideas are shared through the use of words, which are transmitted through utterances. Speech and interactive speaking are the two main methods that talking is perceived to...

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Facebook and Social Media

I use social media to contact and communicate with those who are far away. Social media allows me to interact with and build friendships with people who may not be easily reachable through traditional communication methods such as phone calls and texting. Social media is also a source of knowledge...

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Actions that reduce distractions while driving

Despite the fact that it can become daunting for one to fully eliminate such distractions; most of them are avoidable and manageable. Eliminating them allows us to concentrate on the road and prevent several street tragedies. Drivers need to increase safety to avoid adding to the issue of distracted driving....

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