Essays on Operating System

An Operating system (OS)

An operating system (OS) An operating system (OS) is a type of system software that operates on a computer (Stallings, 2014). It handles hardware and software resources while also providing common services to a number of computer programs. In essence, the OS provides a user-friendly environment for interfacing with computer hardware....

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iOS (previously iPhone Operating System)

iOS (formerly known as the iPhone Operating System) is the operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad, and other iTouch devices. The operating system is commonly referred to as a'manager,' and as such, the iOS manages the device's hardware and provides technologies that implement its native applications. The operating system...

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Value Creation essay

When purchasing a computer for home usage numerous discriminating value factors, including price range, would trigger the purchase decision. In most circumstances, laptops are more expensive than desktop computers (Nwankwo, Hamelin, and Khaled 736). More powerful and newer computers are also more expensive. As a result, what one decides to...

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Microsoft Windows Installation Process

Installation of Microsoft Windows The world is using computers more and more, but nobody seems to care how the operating system is installed. Have you ever given thought to how to install the Microsoft Windows operating system on your laptop? Do you have a working knowledge of how to install an...

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Point of Sales (POS)

The time and location at which a purchase is concluded are referred to as the point of sale (POS). The POS scheme is described by Laudon, K. C., and Laudon, J. P. (2016) as an updated variant of the standard register. Many components are used in the device, including apps,...

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Cover Letter and Resume

A team player with develop-oriented mindset, creative, responsible, enthusiastic. Comprehensive expertise of hardware and software network operating system setup, installation and maintenance. Multi-vendor device and firewall upgrades and management are effective in Cisco ACI integration. TECHNICAL SKILLS Languages: Java, C++, XML, HTML, ASP.NET Operating System: Windows, Unix, iOS Database: Oracle, SQL, Sybase, ERD Networking: HTTP,...

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Office Productivity Suites Introduction

The HP Pavilion Notebook 15 and Samsung Galaxy S5 The HP Pavilion Notebook 15 and Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone are important for business operations. Because of their portability, these hardware products are recommended. The HP Pavilion Laptop features include: Intel Core i5 with up to 3.1 GHz processing speed, 8 Gigabytes...

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