HIPAA and SOAP note

American law known as HIPAA establishes standards for data security and privacy that are used to protect medical information. In August 1966, Bill Clinton signed the HIPAA Act into law after it had been approved by the Congress. There are five titles in the Act. If a person leaves or...

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Select one (or more) sets of data and find out what kind of questions the data set should answer. When publishing, Identify the name of the particular collection of data, Distribution of world wealth. Describe the data forms and problems addressed by them. The website gathers and tracks data for...

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Representation of Data set

Data about income patterns, income distribution in the US for households over the last 50 years are collected and reported here. The data demonstrate how the income of households has changed over the years. The statistics are equally representative of the relationship between a generation's wealth, health and welfare. The...

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