Power point capstone project

The work s introduction is brief and to the point. The reader has established the topic of the PowerPoint presentation. This is an important consideration for the reader because the audience will feel compelled to continue with the presentation. The work is arranged into key topics, allowing the reader to...

Words: 286

Pages: 2

Bitcoin and modern technology

There are several currencies in the world today, most of which are tied to a single country and hence only useable inside the borders of that country. The most common currencies include the dollar, euro, pound, and yen, among others. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, and the Bitcoin...

Words: 964

Pages: 4

Comparison between Fiber-Optic Cable and Wireless Data Transmission

There has been a fundamental shift in how information is carried through the internet in recent years. This trend has been largely driven by the deployment of fiber-optic technology. Fiber optic connections use optical technologies to transmit data over a network (Mynbaev and Lowell). The fiber optic is made up...

Words: 1926

Pages: 8

Telstra business analysis

Today's business managers face numerous hurdles when attempting to enhance their operations, particularly in light of the present technology environment. Managers who are attempting to grow a new business have the biggest difficulties. Telstra, an electrical appliances and accessories firm, has not been left out of this competition. The company's...

Words: 687

Pages: 3

Essay About Cyber Warfare

When we move from the analog to the digital world, the state of crime changes. The usage of firearms and other lethal weapons has decreased dramatically. Individuals are now using technology-based strategies to cause conflict and conduct crimes, a situation known as cyber warfare. The use of internet-based tactics to...

Words: 1318

Pages: 5

Vulnerabilities in Trusted Platform Modules

With ever-changing technical methods, the digital world has seen remarkable success throughout the years. The evolution of gadgets and equipment has contributed in the transformation of the world into a global village. People in different regions of the world may readily exchange ideas with each other in this day and...

Words: 861

Pages: 4

Journalism's Crafty Secrecy and Its Importance in Foreign Policy

Access to information is a necessary component of any civilization, and the accuracy of the information also contributes to its efficiency. The media's major purpose is to inform the public about what is going on in the world, which is only feasible with government intervention. The government plays a vital...

Words: 1449

Pages: 6

The use of the internet

The internet has become an increasingly trustworthy tool for people all around the world, with open and almost unlimited access to the internet and its resources. The demand for internet and its improved services has been steadily increasing in recent years. Internet consumers like to have more options available to...

Words: 934

Pages: 4

Russia and Cybercrime on its Own Ground

The internet and information and communication technologies are now the cornerstones of infrastructure development, leading to enormous technical developments today. Around the world, both developed and developing nations are moving toward digitizing their operations. According to Valeriano and Maness (2015), countries are incorporating computer technology into their government functions, banking...

Words: 1793

Pages: 7

Digital culture dynamics

Social transformation in 2017 has been affected by the dynamics of digital culture. In the modern world, technological advancement is pervasive and has changed society. Technology innovation has changed how individuals interact at work and even at home, even when they are unaware of it. The way we utilize computers,...

Words: 1741

Pages: 7

Graphic designers

Without graphic designers, social media would not be as engaging. They are essential in popularizing the idea and influencing how the public reacts to it in the media. They are occasionally hired for their professions, while regrettably, occasionally, they behave inappropriately towards social media users. The duties of a graphic...

Words: 896

Pages: 4

Marketing in a digital way

List of Frequently Used Phrases and Abbreviations - SME Small-to-Medium Business - DMC ROI for Digital Marketing Communications Return on Investment Short Summary The digital marketing communication strategy for a real-world medium-sized business is provided in this study (SME). The alternatives that a SME business has in light of the prospects offered...

Words: 3688

Pages: 14

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