Essays on Challenges

The need to overcome various life challenges and difficulties constantly arises in our life, so writing a challenges essay will give you some guidance on how to tackle challenges. No matter where and how a person lives, they will constantly face certain life challenges, because they are inevitable. Because of that, we all need to be able to overcome them. Authors of challenges essays agree that in order to overcome challenges successfully it is necessary to perceive and analyze them correctly. Essay samples teach us that we must find the right solutions to overcome challenges and then proceed to the necessary actions immediately. According to many essays, it is important to perceive challenges as small unavoidable bumps along the way, not as a reason to stop. Peruse some challenges essay samples below to gain perspective and understanding of how good essays on challenges are written.

About Policy Creation

There are two phases involved in the creation of policies: the effective and rational phase, and the political phase. The logical phase entails accepting that the policy is effective, legitimate, and a workable solution to the problem at hand. Developing policies is challenging due to the society’s growing complexity (California…

Words: 325

Pages: 2

The Understanding Our World

In the midst of humans, individuals drew primitive maps on cave walls and rocks to communicate and record essential information that demonstrated the ancestors’ survival (Grimm 259). Our forefathers had to make challenging choices on how they would survive. The knowledge they gained was typically recorded on maps to serve…

Words: 2909

Pages: 11

Paradoxes of Gender by Lorber Judith

This article questions the underlying gender presumption held by most people. In the article, Lorber expresses the opinion that gender is a social construct that is open to organization, human agency, and interpretation. According to the Lorber, given its importance and effects, gender is an institution that may be likened…

Words: 737

Pages: 3

A positive social change

Changes in behavioral patterns and acceptance of varied cultural values and ideas are indicative of a beneficial social shift. By doing this, a person through social transformation learns how to turn obstacles into opportunities and how to take advantage of social challenges to positively impact society. According to Thomas, McGarty,…

Words: 432

Pages: 2

About Trauma Resilience

A person’s resilience is their capacity to overcome challenges while maintaining their regular development. A person is considered to have trauma resilience when they encounter a painful incident in life and learn to adjust so they are not badly impacted. In spite of practicing trauma resilience, a study by Leon,…

Words: 360

Pages: 2

Can Social Order Develop On Its Own?

In general, the majority of us have a limited capacity to initiate a significant transformation that alters people’s perspectives and behaviors. However, it becomes clear in Peter Blau’s book “Exchange and Power in Social Life” that everyone contributes to the creation of social order. In other words, it appears on…

Words: 1165

Pages: 5

Left-wing, nationalist movements in Latin America

Multiple concepts will be covered in the course of this article. Some of the ideas will center on the left-wing nationalist movement in Latin America, the reasons why these movements emerged as powerful political forces, and finally, the challenges they encountered in their interactions with the United States of America….

Words: 1112

Pages: 5

Conflicts essay

Every time people interact, conflicts are likely to arise. Even though disagreements will inevitably arise, it is important to find a solution to keep the peace and make sure everyone is able to coexist peacefully. A approach for finding better ways to handle a situation or a relationship is problem…

Words: 616

Pages: 3

virtual groups communication

Virtual teams are teams that are geographically or organizationally distant but are connected by electronic communication to pursue a shared goal. With the help of highly successful virtual teams, businesses can develop or even use talent while working remotely and without geographical constraints. Global and local virtual teams are the…

Words: 1794

Pages: 7

Partnerships of Local, State and Federal

The task of resolving security challenges in any location, particularly those connected to terrorism, falls to local law enforcement officers. The initial response to serve and protect the public is the duty of the law enforcement personnel in the community policing organizations. Law enforcement agents collaborate with other agencies to…

Words: 1008

Pages: 4

effect of cancer on society

Around the world, cancer is a major factor in many socioeconomic problems. After cardiac diseases, it is the social issue with the second-highest social cost. The serious ramifications for numerous stakeholders are examined in this article. Even while communities spend billions on anti-cancer initiatives, the disease continues to be a…

Words: 2109

Pages: 8

A Paper Summary

The ability of these microorganisms to have properties that inhibit microbial activity is one of the obstacles to efficient treatment of bacterial infections. In particular, non-typeable Hemophilus Influenza (NTHI) has a biofilm that increases the pathogenicity, chronicity, and likelihood of recurrence of respiratory illnesses such otitis media and rhinosinusitis in…

Words: 349

Pages: 2

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