Essays on Challenges

The need to overcome various life challenges and difficulties constantly arises in our life, so writing a challenges essay will give you some guidance on how to tackle challenges. No matter where and how a person lives, they will constantly face certain life challenges, because they are inevitable. Because of that, we all need to be able to overcome them. Authors of challenges essays agree that in order to overcome challenges successfully it is necessary to perceive and analyze them correctly. Essay samples teach us that we must find the right solutions to overcome challenges and then proceed to the necessary actions immediately. According to many essays, it is important to perceive challenges as small unavoidable bumps along the way, not as a reason to stop. Peruse some challenges essay samples below to gain perspective and understanding of how good essays on challenges are written.

lowering the drinking age to 18

According to Gabrielle Glaser’s article “Return the Drinking Age to 18, and Impose It (2015),” teenagers between the ages of 18 and 21 should be licensed to consume alcohol. The author backs up his arguments by stating that since the stated age group is permitted by the constitution to vote,…

Words: 379

Pages: 2

Charter schools and Libraries

Finding a credible source is an intricate problem in the new environment where a number of publications are available. However, The Void of Charter Schools: How can children grow a love of reading without a library to nurture them? In this scenario, Maria Traska is a suitable one. The source…

Words: 328

Pages: 2

Airspace Sovereignty

This is an issue that concerns the delegation of permission to overfly international aircraft. Airspace sovereignty remains the property of the state. In particular, each nation is restricted to a few nautical miles beyond which it cannot assert sovereignty over airspace. For example, in situations where the armed forces of…

Words: 315

Pages: 2

about refugees

The United Nations describes a refugee as a citizen who is not in his home country and is unable to return due to fear of prosecution for reasons such as political or religious beliefs (United Nations nd). As depicted in the four books mentioned below, they face various obstacles when…

Words: 360

Pages: 2

Essay Final on “Of Mice and Men”

I’ve decided to concentrate on the book “Of Mice and Men.” John Steinbeck’s novel describes the parable of what it is to be human. The tale of Lennie and George’s dream of buying a ranch and the struggles that come with it exemplifies the essence of isolation, sacrifice, dream, and…

Words: 2134

Pages: 8

Philosophical Arguments on Existence of God

Most preachers have faced difficulties and challenges in persuading their adherents, in particular those who refuse to take the fact that God is genuinely in the assumption that God exists. Many individuals do not think of God as such and, as instructed by the Holy Books, they discard and condemn…

Words: 873

Pages: 4

Essay on Air Pollution Prevention in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is not an exception to this problem of air pollution, which is the case in heavily developed cities around the world. The Health Department, Air Management Services (AMS) and local pollution control agencies are under surveillance to remove the danger. Statistics reveal that there were 177 positive days in…

Words: 923

Pages: 4

Working alongside parents and children’s families at primary school

Teachers sometimes face problems with primary student parents. Many families want the best for their children, and often they try to engage us teachers to the greatest extent possible. I understand your concern because they want the best and safe of their children. I understand them personally because I’m our…

Words: 621

Pages: 3

Critical Responses

The essay captures the life of a high school graduate through college and out of school at the time. It takes into account the difficulties, successes, and expectations that the mechanism can be reformed. The papers offer an account of the life of a Skyline High School pupil, a student…

Words: 366

Pages: 2

Design of an electrical car

This article is a laboratory study on the construction of an electric vehicle. The main aim of the experiment was to build and create an electric vehicle. This was done by identifying the myriad fundamental problems in car production, such as balance, energy losses and other forces of nature that…

Words: 3195

Pages: 12

The problem of poverty in the united states of America

The current dynamic has posed the world with many obstacles that it must face. Globally, there has been an increased social, economic and environmental threat. These include, but are not limited to, increasing hunger, increasing crime, global warming and terrorism. These threats posed a major danger to human life. Every…

Words: 1134

Pages: 5


The most serious issues facing millennial executives Since their promotions to the highest management ranks, millennial executives face several obstacles. For example, older managers who have had fewer meteoric career paths are normally supposed to navigate. They are then to show their importance in the workplace to seasoned senior managers…

Words: 605

Pages: 3

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