The Best Method for Applying Makeup, Step by Step

Achieving Flawless Makeup

People use makeup to make their faces appear stunning and attractive. However, choosing the appropriate cosmetics can be a challenging task. According to the discussion below, there are seven stages that must be taken to achieve flawless makeup.

Stage 1: Preparing the Skin

Making sure the applicant's skin is moisturized and clean before applying any product is the first step in starting from scratch. Apply primer next with your fingertips to make sure your makeup will last all day.

Stage 2: Applying Foundation

The next stage is to use a duo fiber brush to evenly apply foundation to the skin in the entire neck area.

Stage 3: Concealing

The third step is to apply a concealer below the eyes in a triangular shape, which ensures a coverage that is natural-looking, drawing attention to the applicants' eyes, and brightening up their face.

Stage 4: Highlighting and Contouring

The other step is to apply the highlighter along the top of the cheekbones, on the chin, cupid's bow, and in between the brows. It is also at this stage that the applicant needs to swipe a contour powder along the forehead and the sides of the nose, at the same time hollowing the cheekbones.

Completing the Look

The fifth step is to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, where one needs to extend up toward the temples. After that, a person can smear any shadow of his/her choice like a light gold or shimmery shadow below the lash line and to the lids. Again, by the use of a blending brush (fluffy), one needs to dust or powder a brown shade that is soft into the crease and then blend outward (Priyadharshini 78). It is also essential to fill in the brows using a powder or a brow pencil. Nevertheless, one needs to swipe on some mascara, which ensures that the eye makeup is set. Finally, by the use of a lip brush, the applicant requires swiping on a rosy pink lipstick, and she will be good to go.

Work Cited

Priyadharshini, Esther. "From Prom Queen to Zombie Barbie: A Tutorial in Make Up, Gender and Living Death." Generation Z. Springer Singapore, 2016. 71-84.

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