deforestation as a global challenge

Deforestation is currently one of the primary global challenges for human civilisation. Often, deforestation implies substantial tree removal, leaving the earth exposed and subject to lower quality. The current pace of practice is high, and it has captured the world's interest. The practice has occurred both purposefully and unintentionally. Deforestation...

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Leaders purpose

Leaders must establish an inspiring future vision and inspire or motivate their followers to help them achieve that vision (Duygulu & Kublay, 2011). Strong decision making, honesty, solid communication skills, originality, a positive attitude, flexibility, and confidence are some of the attributes I employ for the PI project. This helps...

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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the wonders of the contemporary world, and we owe it a tremendous deal of appreciation. It served as both a key economic asset and a crucial tactic for the United States (Engdahl, 2012). The film, titled "Adventures: Panama Canal- The Mountain and Mosquitoes," offers...

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A standby generator

A backup generator is a must-have for any agricultural enterprise that has automated feeding systems and facilities. The farm management reduces the danger of loss when the commercial power supply is interrupted by investing in a standby generator. The farm can either purchase an engine-driven generator or a tractor-driven generator....

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multinational corporation

A multinational firm is defined as a transnational and multinational enterprise that engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls value-added activities in more than one country (Dunning &Lundan 2008:3). Most of their activities are carried out abroad and are involved in a large market and have intermediate products...

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A reflective learning log

A reflective learning log is an important piece of evidence created by a student to support the practice educational outcomes for each placement. The learning log procedure is carried out on a regular basis and includes examples of knowledge gained by the learner through identified training challenges (Moon 2013, p.3)....

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A variety of learning outcomes are provided by the logistic course. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of various modes of transportation and related aspects such as the role of these modes in the economy, their history of development, the impact of technologies on it, current issues, international and government...

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Benefit Planning

A variety of persistent and current challenges surround benefit planning, design, and administration. When deciding on these topics, planning and design are often considered jointly, whereas administration is considered separately. Because of the dynamic and diverse nature of benefits, benefit planning and design face numerous challenges. One critical difficulty is determining...

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Employee Motivation in the Workplace

As a fresh graduate working for a big financial company, I have high hopes that my work will help me advance and achieve my professional objectives. I understand that although if work is a necessary component of human existence, it should have benefits beyond monetary reward. I anticipate that the...

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International Human Resource Recruitment and Selection

As more organizations expand across borders and have easy access to the global marketplace, there are opportunities and problems that come with functioning at such levels. As the international and cross-cultural aspects of business become more prevalent, most organizations profit greatly from the diversity of knowledge as well as varied...

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Merck and River Blindness

As the head of Research and Development (R&D) at Merck and Company Incorporated in 1978, Dr. P Roy Vagelos confronted a critical challenge. Dr. Roy's senior, Dr. William C. Campbell, gave him a provocative note that year, advising him that he had made an intriguing observation that ivermectin, a chemical...

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Investing using a Financial Planner

Before deciding whether to hire a financial advisor or invest on your own, it is vital to do a critical self-evaluation. Some aspects to consider while making this option include the ability to go through investments and devote time to study, the availability of time to monitor the investments of...

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