Arson Criminal Investigation

Arson is a crime that involves intentionally setting fire to any kind of building or construction. This type of crime is usually done with the purpose to harm the building's owner or occupant. It is intentional and deliberate. It is a severe offense that carries a common law penalty. Most...

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Natural Disasters' Effect on Property and Casualty Insurance

Fort McMurray, Canada, witnessed one of the largest wildfires in 2016, resulting in estimated damages of $3.7 billion. This was "double the sum of the previous costliest natural disasters on record," according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Nonetheless, the frequency and severity of natural disasters are not restricted to...

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Gun Control Measures

Because of the country's prevalent gun culture, the gun control controversy has become one of the most contentious topics of the twenty-first century in America. According to figures, the number of weapons owned by the general public in the United States varies between 290 and 310 million, implying that more...

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Plan for Fire Prevention

It is the primary duty of all organisations, along with the steps to be taken in cases of fire emergencies, to educate their workers on fire hazard issues in the workplace. Such preparation may include evacuation plans, training on how to escape from the fire, how to safely use the...

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Phoenix Fire Department

The Phoenix Fire Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of public security services to our community. We protect lives and property through hearth suppression, emergency medical and transportation services, disaster services, fire prevention and public education. The above mission announcement goes ahead to assert that the members...

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