Police Morally Justified in the Shooting of the Big Lake-area man

Mill considers justice to be a component of morality. He claims that justice entails violating the rights of certain individuals in order to ensure that others who deserve other rights the most are awarded them. On the 17th of February 2016, early in the morning, a guy called the police...

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information Systems and Criminal Justice

The employment of mathematical, prognostic, and analytical tools in law enforcement to identify likely criminal conduct is referred to as predictive policing (Chan & Moses, 2016). Predictive policing may be beneficial in anticipating potential crimes, lawbreakers, the names of criminals, and crime victims. Predictive policing relies heavily on the police...

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Organized crime

Because the groups created have leaders and a common illegal aim to earn money and recognition in undesirable ways, organized crime is considered a social institution. Their activities are motivated by a desire for power and a desire to be powerful. Despite law enforcement agencies implementing laws and attempting to...

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The Charleston church shooting

The Charleston church shooting occurred in June 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. An assassin known as Dylann Roof massacred nine people at the prayer meeting, including the state senator and the senior pastor. Following the attack, authorities apprehended the assailant, who admitted to carrying out the shooting...

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2001 terrorist attacks

Following the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, proper reporting of intelligence information has become critical in terms of the elements impacting operational decisions. Accurate reporting ensures that law enforcement officers know exactly where to go for pertinent information. When incorrect data is reported, enforcers are more likely to go...

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Interrogation is the process of gathering as much information as possible from suspects through direct questioning by law enforcement officers. However, there are constraints on the use of interrogation. This is due to the fact that each defendant is protected from self-incrimination. An individual cannot be forced to testify in...

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Law enforcement agencies frequently use unmanned aircraft in surveillance missions. Police personnel can trace offenders using this method. Drone use in law enforcement has long been a source of contention. There has been much discussion about whether or not police officers should deploy drones. However, the question should be whether...

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The value of social media, according to Zuckerman (2010), is in recognizing numerous scenarios that might not have been recognized and putting them together as a whole. A group of activists, led by Michael Brown, have been able to create a powerful movement since August 2014, when a police officer...

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The Police Body-Mounted Cameras

Technology advancements, especially the advent of cell phones and body cameras, are transforming almost every career in the world. A Smartphone allows you to capture incidents in real-time and upload them to the internet. Body cameras can also be used to capture incidents as they happen, and many agencies in...

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Civilian Oversight and Walker’s Class System

Until the 1960s, police reports were reexamined by the officers themselves. The study followed the Wickersham Report, which found that police officers required further supervision. The police department replied by establishing Internal Affairs Bureaus (IABs), from which people could file complaints. However, the bureaus were unsuccessful because the majority of...

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public administration and ethics

As a member of the United States' disciplined military, the New Jersey State Police is required to carry out its duties in an impartial way consistent with the values of public administration. Ethics may be described as a collection of rules that govern the intended moral behavior of a specific...

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Law Enforcement Policies

The article investigates the topic of police officers wearing body cameras in the United States. The author contends that the use of body cameras would help shield police officers from false allegations and discourage rogue officers from intimidating people when doing their duties. In favor of the claim, the article...

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