How Should We Prevent Future Mass Shootings?

The Journal proposes many ways that police and media should work together to deter possible mass shootings. The journal is well-crafted in that its guidelines address specific habits of police officers and journalists. Among the recommendations are to never publish a shooter’s propaganda and to conceal their identities and faces….

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review of criminal justice book

English’s Inside New York’s Irish Mob takes the reader through the past of the Westies, one of the gangs founded in the 1960s. The name was assigned to a gang of Irish mobsters operating in Hell’s Kitchen from the 1960s to the 1980s by the police and the public. The…

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Police Brutal on Black People

The study will look at why cops are so harsh with black people. It will include specific examples of how the police have handled black people in the past, as well as an explanation of why the police are so violent. In addition, the report would reveal some of the…

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Film The Pledge

The theme of the film and elements that address it The emptiness that threatens police officers in their line of work is the core theme of the film The Pledge. The film makes an extreme statement dilemma, and vacuum is one of the issues many police officers face in their…

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Decline of Racism in the USA

Racism is a major issue in the United States of America today, and it has been since the colonial era, when only white Americans were granted socially sanctioned privileges and rights. Other people of different races were granted exclusive privileges in areas such as criminal procedure, voting rights, and education,…

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Police Forces should not be militarized

The process by which civilian police officers increasingly draw on and model themselves after the tenets of militarism and military models is known as police militarization. (Greenwald, G.) 1) This includes military tactics as well as the use of military equipment such as snipers, armored vehicles, and SWAT services. In…

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the broken windon theory

The broken window is a policing paradigm first discussed by Kelling and Wilson in a seminal article in 1982. (Kelling & Coles, 2010). The model’s optimal role is to focus on the significance of diseases that produce and maintain violent crimes. However, the disorder is not specifically related to violent…

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The Struggle Against Racism and Slavery

Racism remains a global phenomenon that has been debated and written about throughout history, and the fight to end it continues, despite the contributions of pioneer abolitionists-such as Fredrick Douglas. The war against bigotry does not seem to be ending, and it seems to be intensifying with the passage of…

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Police brutality.

When a police officer uses excessive and needless brutality on people, he is said to be brutal. The police violence has been documented in a number of countries around the world. Several people have come to accept that police violence only happens against oppressed and marginalized communities as a result…

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Do Police Officers Wear Camera Suits?

In America, police shootings of unarmed black people have been all too common. According to a 2015 Washington Post poll, police “shot nearly 258 unarmed African-Americans” (Patterson and Philip 270). In the past decade, the number of African American males killed by police has increased dramatically. In 2016, for example,…

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Providing More Accountability for Officers and Community by using bodycams

The body cam, a short version of body camera, is normally a body-worn surveillance device clipped to the top half of the police uniforms to capture arrests, chases, traffic accidents, searches of someone’s house, risks, summonses, crime scenes and general police work. In fact, over the years, bodycams have been…

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Is coffee to be accepted by a police officer

Prenzler, Beckley and Bronitt (2013) state that it is common for officers to take bribes because of the nature of police work. A free cup of coffee, on the other hand, requires police officers to spend time unequally between institutions that do and those that do not offer such gratuities…

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