Workplace Privacy Laws

Workplace privacy laws dictate the extent to which employees’ privacy is protected. They stipulate the degree to which an employer can monitor the activities of the workers and the roles of the management in protecting the privacy of its employees (Scone, 2012). This paper discusses three privacy laws and how...

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The Impact of Police Performance on Public Satisfaction in Hong Kong

Public Satisfaction with Police Performance Public satisfaction with the performance of police officers is major concern not only for Hong Kong but also other countries because police performance is key to the public and determines the success of security officer operations. In addition, there is a considerable disagreement in the existing...

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Community Policing in Singapore

In the most advanced economies, the state bodies refer to the practice of the community policing in order to develop respect between police and citizens of particular city during collaboration at one particular project. In fact, nature of the communication and collaboration between these two parties is not simples as...

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The Impact of Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in a Court Setting

The Influence of Instructions and Admissibility The main finding of the study is that in the case of a court setting, the jury goes by the instructions of the judge on what is considered to be admissible or not. Conviction is then based only on evidence that the judge agrees to...

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Police Stress

Stress is one of the factors affecting the well-being of individuals in the contemporary society. The way it manifests depends on a person's lifestyles, and nature of work one undertakes (Ewa, " Małgorzata, 2014).  A personal experience of stress is depended upon the environment, sociocultural situation, and several contextual factors....

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Gun Control and Self Defense

The Sanctity of Human Life and the Need for Self-Defense The issue of gun control is centered on the sanctity of human life since all individuals posses a natural right to life. This right is inevitable despite one’s experience, background or individual attributes (LaFollette 6). Thus, there is a great need...

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The Principle of Charity

1. Critical thinking in politics Especially in regards to emotive community issues includes examining how the citizens interact with the information they get by listening to or reading about the issue. It also includes assessing how the people interact with the others regarding those issues. A divisive matter such as fracking...

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Racial Profiling: An Unconstitutional Practice

Law enforcement agencies and the creation of profiles Law enforcement agencies seek to protect the rights of the people. Throughout its execution of duty, these agencies identified various patterns of law violations linked to certain characteristics of the perpetrators, allowing for the creation of profiles. From these, officers can infer the...

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Applewood Avenue: A Community in the West End of Toronto, Canada

Different neighbourhoods have different issues that affect the social lives of people. However, some of these problems such as crime rates are not specific to single areas. They generally affect the contemporary society. Community policing, also known as community-oriented policing has been identified to be one of the most efficacious...

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Riley v California Case

The Riley v California Case The Riley v California case is a unique case because of the how evidence was obtained. The police officer who charged Riley got so much information from Riley's phone. The evidence acquired was used against Riley in the court of law. The American constitution – Fourth...

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The Actions of Officer Jones Are Unconstitutional Under The Fourth Amendment

The actions of Officer Jones The actions that Officer Jones portrayed are unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment to the American Constitution sets the constraints on warrantless searches, stating that the rights of individuals to remain secured within their houses shall not be violated, and that no warrants shall...

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Cell Phone Searches Incident to Arrest

Upon examining the court’s decision as it relates to cell phone searches incident to arrest, I agree with it. I understand that cell phones contain private information about individuals and they have the rights to hold such information. However, there are situations whereby, it is critical for the police to...

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