Policy of Concealed Carry

In the United States, the concealed carrying of guns originated in Georgia. Governor Zell Miller, who was a state lieutenant, adopted what was called a blueprint for potential laws in 1976. Ed Topmiller, who was a retired border patrolman and NRA chief, inspired his efforts. The primary consideration of the…

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Day of Preparation

Training Day, which was released in 2001, is an American neo-noir crime movie. The film portrays a futuristic Los Angeles where, opposed to any white cop, a black policeman of equal opportunities is creepier and more dishonest. Denzel Washington plays the part of Los Angeles police officer Alonzo Harris, who…

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An Interview with Head of Police Department

Question 1: What are your views on racial profiling? Answer: The law is against racial discrimination, so it should not be practiced. Racial discrimination should not be justified from a personal point of view, because it deprives one’s own rights and freedoms and makes a certain group of citizens feel…

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Consider a situation in which you leave your loved ones at home in the expectation that you will return, oblivious that it could be the last time they see you alive. The ordeal is one that occurs all too often in America, where black men go out but never come…

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Mandatory use by the law enforcement departments of body cameras

The relationship with law enforcement officers in their line of service and the public has been discussed by numerous practitioners. The need to have a managed link on the same is at the heart of this. The use of compulsory state agency body cameras is an efficient approach to the…

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Frisk and Stop

Stop and frisk became a program introduced by the New York police, which allowed law enforcement to stop and detain persons and search them if necessary when they showed fair suspicion of violating the law. This strategy has drawn massive debates, particularly due to the excessive stops that exist with…

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