Essays on Community Policing

Issues in Diversity

After a thorough review of the case video, it is important to note that it was motivated by the requirement to implement a new tactical strategy for community policing. The police made the error of starting out with outdated, ineffective techniques that relied entirely on the use of force and...

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Partnerships of Local, State and Federal

The Role of Local Law Enforcement in Resolving Security Challenges The task of resolving security challenges in any location, particularly those connected to terrorism, falls to local law enforcement officers. The initial response to serve and protect the public is the duty of the law enforcement personnel in the community policing...

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About Ethical Policing

System of Universal Principles and Ethical Policing A system of universal principles that are appropriate as criteria that are competent in a certain field requires ethical policing. The police should respect principles like bravery, allegiance, integrity, and fairness. Whenever they are in a crisis, officers of the law should proclaim their...

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Posse Comitatus Act (1878)

An Ancient English Doctrine: Posse Comitatus An ancient English doctrine produced during the American reconstruction era is the word Posse Comitatus, which translates to force of the country. The US army conducted judiciary and policing duties in the 1860s, so the army oversaw city governments and even dealt with...

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