Essays on Alexander Hamilton

Mention in your Alexander Hamilton essay that he was a dedicated American statesman, an ideologist, leader of the Federalist Party since its inception, and 1st Secretary of the US Treasury Department. Our samples of Alexander Hamilton essays point out that he wrote articles enthusing about the independence of the colonies and actively participated in the American War of Independence. Hamilton was a secretary to George Washington and supported his ideals – it’s mentioned in many essays. He personally led the fight to ratify the American Constitution. Hamilton was an initiator of the creation of the First Bank of the United States, as well as a first US Treasury Secretary, like most essays on Alexander Hamilton state. He supported the candidacy of Thomas Jefferson in the presidential election. Check out Alexander Hamilton essay samples below for further insight into his life which you can incorporate into your essay.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

By 1794, both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had a clear vision for the destiny of this nation. By the end of the Reconstruction period in 1877, whose vision of America s future was closer to becoming a reality? Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were very distinct from one another....

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Baron von Steuben: Key Figure in Revolutionary War

Introduction Due to the numerous ways in which he reorganized the army, Baron von Steuben was crucial in ensuring the success of the Patriot conflict. He introduced novel, highly advanced drill methods as a former Prussian military officer. In place of the British and Patriots' drill methods, Baron von Steuben introduced...

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Alexander Hamilton Essay

One of the most intriguing and important individuals in the history of the United States is Alexander Hamilton. He is one of the political theorists whose ideas have influenced the characteristics of the American people. Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury, a member of Congress, a signatory to...

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Alexander Hamilton

Judicial Independence and the Role of Alexander Hamilton Judicial independence became a focal point of Alexander Hamilton's defense of the courts. He asserted that life tenure for judges and judicial impartiality were two key ideas in the theory of democratic government. The offices had to be permanent in order to protect...

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Comparison of Jefferson and Hamilton Political and Public Policies

Jefferson and Hamilton had a significant impact on how US history developed in terms of governance and governmental policies. The two were involved in the rising cause, and it is well known that they were key figures in the establishment of the United States of America. Jefferson and Hamilton did...

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Alexander Hamilton Musical Visiting and Analysis

If you've ever wondered how a musical can be so amazing, this is the article for you. We discuss Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and Eliza Schuyler. These are all characters in the musical that we can all learn something from. You can use these characters to understand the storyline...

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Posse Comitatus Act (1878)

An Ancient English Doctrine: Posse Comitatus An ancient English doctrine produced during the American reconstruction era is the word Posse Comitatus, which translates to force of the country. The US army conducted judiciary and policing duties in the 1860s, so the army oversaw city governments and even dealt with...

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