philip caputo’s a rumor of war

In the film A Rumor of War (1977), actor Philip Caputo recounts his experiences as a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. Caputo’s first mission in Vietnam (March 1965) teaches him that his ideal notion of war bears little similarity to the violence he and his colleagues…

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Army commanders

Army commanders exemplify effective leadership. During a battle, they must make decisions that affect both their own lives and the lives of their soldiers. As a result, they must be outstanding team players who are focused on achieving team goals. Lt. Col. Moore is an example of a remonstrant leader…

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Women Accession into Combat Arms

The female acceptance into combat arms entails women military personnel assigned to combat positions. A word “Combat” from French vocab, referring to fight and in marmy context involves opposing military forces in warfare. In most cases, females get regarded as inferior to men and incompetent for combat roles. In the…

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Should joining the military be forced on citizens

This is a glimpse of an essay on military issues that students and political observers may be mindful of. This section stresses that citizens are responsible for the military form their country owns and its use. It is therefore the duty of political observers to train students to make educated…

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The Oromo people of Ethiopia

The Oromo population occupies “Oromia,” Ethiopia’s central region with a total population of almost 30 million people (Hussein, 2004). Oromia is said to be the original motherland and they speak the language of Oromo. In addition to living their lives as nomadic pastoralists, the Oromo practice subsistence agriculture. They are…

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the south and revolutionary war strategy

The geographical independence at Saratoga in 1777, as well as the French treaty in 1778, all altered the course of the Revolutionary War, mostly for the British colonialists. The French people’s support proved unreliable, and properly planned military assaults between the two new allies took a long time to occur,…

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Since A Country Before

There have been many rules long before a country that have dictated the actions of the militia and the military. They include; the power of the constitution and emergency, the states reserved the power to prepare and arm the military and select officers as well. The bone of contention here…

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Helen Keller

June 20th, 1880 marked the start of Helen Keller. She was born with both vision and sound hearing ability. She hailed from the Tuscumbia Alabama. Her parents got well regarded given that the mother associated with prominent men and women while her father was captain in the Confederate army. 19…

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Choose-Train-Educate-Promote (Army Step Program)

The Army’s Select-Train-Educate-Promote policy has expanded the emphasis on military specialist preparation and the rewards that can be reaped. Promoting soldiers based on the completion of separate courses is an exemplary technique to ensure continued career growth in the Army. For one to be elevated to a higher level, courses…

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Posse Comitatus Act (1878)

An ancient English doctrine produced during the American reconstruction era is the word Posse Comitatus, which translates to “force of the country.” The US army conducted judiciary and policing duties in the 1860s, so the army oversaw city governments and even dealt with numerous domestic abuse problems (Brinkerhoff, 2002). Before…

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Women in Combat and Gender Inequality in the Army

Society tends to believe that women should do basic duties, such as household tasks. Owing to the strict preparation and high standards, it is clear that a career in the army demands toughness. The inequality between men and women leads to the assumption that there is no ability for women…

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veteran owned business

A soldier’s job is never done: most soldiers grow up hoping this is not so. One speaker, John F. Groves, wrote Efficient Strategies for Military Veteran Small Business Owners, published in 2017. He believes that most of the small businesses run by veterans are expected to collapse, and it is…

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