Helen Keller

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June 20th, 1880 marked the start of Helen Keller. She was born with both vision and sound hearing ability. She hailed from the Tuscumbia Alabama. Her parents got well regarded given that the mother associated with prominent men and women while her father was captain in the Confederate army. 19 months after Helen’s birth, she lost each her sight and hearing to rubella fever. Due to the confusion regarding communicating with Helen, her mother and father sought the help of Dr. Alexander Graham bell. It marked the point of a new relationship with Anne Sullivan who was Helen’s teacher. The guide that she gave Helen made it possible for the individual to learn a couple of words. Helen was able to master the alphabetical order and later on, Anne was so instrumental in the writing of Helen’s autobiography entitled story of my life.

Upon graduation, Helen championed the rights of the deaf and blind. Through her engagements and social support to the disabled, she got to vastly travel to more than 25 countries motivating the blind as well as the deaf. From her teachings, Helen was able to impact positively to the disabled by giving them hope. When Helen turned ten, she mastered braille and was able to use a typewriter. In the year 1904, she graduated from Radcliffe College. It is the place that she had spent most of her life and time with Anne in her schooling.


Helen Keller served in the socialist party as a member and engaged in active campaigns for the working class. She participated in several activism causes such as advocating for the women right to vote as well as of birth control. The year 1920 marked step in her life when she participated in the founding of American civil liberty union which championed for the freedom of speech. She engaged in campaigns for the fair treatment of the blacks alongside other issues as socialism and not limited to anti-militarism. Upon the formation of American foundation for the blind, Helen joined this association.

The organization provided her a platform that she used to advocate for the needs of disabled individuals, in this case, the blind and deaf. Due to her influence, Helen was able to help AFB secure funds from wealthy donors such as Rockefeller and Ford. In her work, she helped establish rehabilitation facilities as well as the state’s commissions that assisted the blind. Later on, in her years, she was involved in helping AFB to raise funds that would help meet the needs of the blind and the deaf.


Hellen symbolized savior to the deaf and blind through her work; she achieved great heights in her bid to advocate for the rights of the disabled whom she felt deserved equal treatment as the RT of the people. Some of her notable contributions include the establishment of Helen Keller International. The foundation primarily engaged in combating situations that led to malnutrition as well as the causes of blindness and their consequences. Some of the achievements of her organization were the agricultural programs which helped the less privileged families engage in the farming of nutritious foods, addressing issues that led to blindness. To date, the initiative is considered one of the active charity programs globally.

The efforts that Keller pumped while serving at America Foundation for the blind in her fundraising programs impacted positively to the community. Through the financial assistance that the foundation received, they supported the blind through provision better education, employment and not limited to helping them become Independent (Davidson 9). Some branches of the organization have their focus on medical care as well as methods of preventing blindness. It goes without mentioning that Keller pushed for braille to get certified as a worldwide standard that got used in books essential for teaching the blind. Through her efforts, the blind were uniformly represented education wise by the global standardization of braille. She was a renowned author had written some books and uncountable articles on her life experiences. She played a significant role in founding schools that helped the deaf and individuals who were blind.


Despite Helen being blind and deaf, she was instrumental in ensuring that the blind and deaf got equal treatment and not despised. She supported various causes such as warranting the global registration of braille as the standard book for the blind, in her capacity as a member of the America Foundation for the blind; she made sure that employment opportunities get provided to the less fortunate and good education made available to them (Davidson 9). In her aggressiveness to portray her disability not a hindrance to success, she turned to be a figure that most individuals admired and derived their hope. It will get remembered that she championed for the blacks rights as well as socialism, women’s voting rights and the right to birth control. It is through her contributions that presently the deaf enjoys various privileges and freedom in the society. For example, the right to employment and better education.

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