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There is a lot of healthcare than what meets the eyes and business management side is one of the many aspects. BS in Health Administration with a specialization in Emergency Management (BSHA/EM) was a good starting point for me given that I am more interested in EM or first emergency...

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The Role of Humanitarian Action in the Process of Peace Building and the Role It Plays in Prolonging Conflicts

There have been different views about the role of humanitarian action in the process of peace building and the role it plays in prolonging conflicts. Consequently, this section will examine how humanitarian action affects the regions affected by civil war negatively in terms of how it causes more harm than...

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China's Military Expansion as a Threat to the US

The US military is touted as the largest; the most experienced and technological advanced force in the world. Having a strong military enables a country to enforce its economic and political policies while also protecting its strategic interests using hard power to deter its enemies. For decades, the US armed...

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The Impact of Carbon Offsetting on Aviation Industry

The first project on carbon offsetting took place in 1989. The project was undertaken by Applied Energy Services where commitment to plant 50 million trees were made in Guatemala. In exchange, consent to construct a power station fired by coal would be granted (Smith, 2007, p. 14). Nonetheless, it took...

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China- Africa Infrastructure Investment

The Aim of the Paper The aim of the paper was to find out the reasons behind the China-Africa infrastructural investment. Establishing the Drivers In order to establish the drivers, the researcher conducted an exploratory research examining what previous scholars had instituted using research objectives and questions. Secondary data thus became the main...

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The Effect of Foreign Aid to Economic Performance of Eastern African Countries

Evidence of the ineffectiveness of foreign aid is easily observed in the African Countries. The deliberation and research on the effectiveness of this foreign assistance is still and ongoing debate and perhaps it may still go on for a long period of time. Going back to the post second war...

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Does Foreign Aid to East Africa Help to Improve the Region's Development?

As stated by the Global Policy Forum (2018), International aid offers a key element of development financing. Official Development Assistance plays a fundamental role in supporting the public infrastructure, health, education, and agricultural sectors in developing countries. The dissertation seeks to prove that despite the benefits, foreign aid to East...

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The Hampton VA Medical Center

I have visited the Hampton VA Medical Center, which offers healthcare services to the veterans and their families. The medical center is located among the largest military retiree communities in the US. It offers a comprehensive primary and specialty care in medicine, surgery, and psychiatry to the people in southeastern...

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Military Psychology

Military psychology involves explaining or application of human behavior in relation to the military. This paper integrates a brief definition of psychology and military psychology in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of military psychology. The purpose of the paper is to present a research done on the psychology and...

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Just War Theory and Pacifism

On a daily basis, many people die due to water scarcity around the world. Poor people are suffering of water shortage, while the rich consume enormous amounts. In most cases, insecurity, instability, and conflict in many countries are brought about by water scarcity. Technological advancement is changing the mode in...

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Roswell Incident: The Cover-Up

The Existence of Alien is a Reality Going by the events witnessed in Roswell, New Mexico since July 7, 1947, the existence of aliens is, in fact, a reality. Numerous eyewitness accounts claim to have sighted a disc-shaped flying object crash into a nearby ranch followed by a loud bang (Eberhart...

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EOP: A Review

EOP is a process whereby a facility or an institution prepares to respond and recover from hazards. This paper is a review the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) EOP, i.e., the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101- Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans and compares the guide with another plan for...

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