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Qantas airway limited: Australia's national airline

Qantas Airways Ltd is Australia's national airline and the world's largest airline in terms of international flights, destinations, and fleet size. Qantas is one of the world's oldest airlines, having been founded not long after Avianca and KLM. The company has developed from two little biplanes that could only carry...

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Management of the aviation workforce in the worldwide industry

Recent research has emphasized the importance of worker training and human factors in supporting maintenance success in the aircraft sector (Hodgkinson & Johnston, 2016). Human factors have a key influence in aviation maintenance accidents. The International Civil Aviation Organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations in charge of...

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Critical analysis of Allen Aircraft Radio Corporation

The article includes a critical examination of Allen Aircraft Radio Corporation, a maintenance and repair organization, as well as an understanding of the firm's commercial functions. Importantly, the type and target market, as well as the operating sites, are included. In addition, the study discusses the corporation's regulatory monitoring and...

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The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) formed the ICAO/CAST Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT) to produce standard definitions and taxonomies for aviation emergencies, as well as incident reporting systems (Boeing, 2016). CICTT was entrusted with categorizing emergencies that occur throughout specific phases of flight....

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The Aloha Airlines Flight 243 accident

The crash of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 is one of the most remembered incidents in the airline business. On April 28, 1988, at 1346hrs, a Boeing 737-200, N73711, operated by Aloha Airlines Inc. as flight 243, experienced an explosive decompression and subsequent structural failure at 24,000 feet while flying from...

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a United States national authority in charge of regulating all aspects of civil aviation, including airport operations and the protection of the nation's assets during the launch or reentry of commercial space vehicles (United States Federal Aviation Administration, n.d). The organization, which was founded...

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Interview with the Public Aviation Office

The focus of the interview is on a senior manager in the aviation security division. As a result, a call was placed to the senior management. The interviewee was given an introduction to the interviewer, which included the purpose of the interview. As a result, a rapport was established, allowing...

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incident that happened on December 29th the year 2010

The following article discusses an occurrence that occurred on December 29th, 2010. This incident involved a Boeing 757-200, N668AA, an American Airlines flight 2253. (Lieven, 2005). The Boeing crashed into the heavy snow at Jackson Hole Airport after running off the end of the departure runway number 19. There were...

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The United States Navy's behavioral scientists developed the HFACS (Human Factors Analysis and Classification System) to analyze performance decrements in aviation workers. The development of the framework encountered various stumbling blocks related to human performance affecting aviation accidents. The Swiss-Cheese paradigm is used to integrate the HFACS process into the...

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investigation of an aircraft accident

This document is an investigation of an aircraft accident involving a Zonk Air Charters aircraft. A pilot and four passengers on board were killed in the collision. The twin flight took off from Tahoe Airport around dusk, when the weather was not conducive to a flight launch. The clouds were...

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Technical report for the Michigan Airport System

This essay analyzes and critiques a white paper that explores Aviation. An analysis of the paper that starts with the introduction reveals that the author did a good job of introducing the concerns the document tended to highlight to the target audience. For instance, the audience is introduced...

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United Technologies company

United Technologies Corporation is a global firm in the aerospace industry. United Technology Corporation engages in commercial activities such as security control, escalator, moving walkway, and elevator sales, and United Technologies Climate. In addition, the company is a leading supplier of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, fire security systems, and...

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