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The Reasons Why Customers-Facing Employees Decide to Leave or Move to Another Employer or Different Sector

The methodology chapter provides a rationale and details for the research. The study investigates the reasons why customers-facing employees decide to leave or move to another employer or different sector altogether. This section elaborates the research philosophy, instruments, demographics, population, data analysis, and ethical guidelines for the research work. 3.1. Research...

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The Impact of Minimum Wage on Youth Employment

Labor demand is mostly dependent on the development and labor intensity across various sectors within the domestic as well as the global economy. However, studies indicate that a decreased permanent job opportunity compared to the whole supply of labor pose a great challenge for the youth living in developing countries (Save the Children...

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Employer Branding: An Overview

Alshenqeeti, H., 2014. Interviewing as a data collection method: a critical review. English Linguistics Research, 3(1), p.39. Ambler, T. and Barrow, S., 1996. The employer brand. Journal of Brand Management, 4, pp.185-206. Backhaus, K., and Tikoo, S., 2004. Conceptualizing and researching employer branding. Career Development International, 9(5), pp.501-517. Ballesteros, B.P., Medina, A., and...

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The Importance of Tests in the Process of Hiring in the Employment Setting

The two tests that are used in the process of hiring in the setting of the employees are the personality tests and performance assessment test. Personality tests can be necessary for choosing personnel in an employment setting. In the personality test, for the qualification of an individual, his or her...

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Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Gender discrimination concerning pay, promotion opportunities, and career development remain a concern in most workplaces. It is socially, and morally wrong to mistreat employees, unfavorably, or differently because of their gender. There are two options that the board members can select to solve the dilemma Oilee...

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender Inequality in the Workplace Over the years, women have been getting less preferential treatment despite the positions they hold in their workplaces. Gender inequality is very common in the workplaces, and this is a serious issue that should not be overlooked by employers. Many women are bullied, ridiculed, threatened, sexually...

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Gender Inequality in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry and gender inequality The aviation industry has been around since the year 1903, and it has been a source of employment to many people both male and female. The inescapable fact is that there are roles that have been held by men only such as pilot and others...

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Gender Inequality in Workplaces

I chose to write on gender inequality in workplaces since it was a pressing issue in my previous working place. It was superficial that women were discriminated in workplaces which makes them feel sort of lesser human beings. Despite the constitution’s laws instituted for protection against gender inequality, there has...

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Employment versus Self-employment: Similarities and Contrasts

The Scarcity of Resources and Human Wants The scarcity of resources insatiable human wants characterizes the world and thus requiring that individuals device optimal means of utilizing the available opportunities to realize growth and success. The enhancement in technological advancement and globalization is revitalizing the world as far as access to...

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Commercial Pilot Job Description

Commercial pilots Commercial pilots transport passengers and cargo from one place to another. Although their primary work entails flying and navigating airplanes and other aircraft, they are also responsible for reviewing the weather and the condition of an aircraft before a flight, checking the fuel supply and ensuring that a plane...

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Preventive Measures Against Job Violence

Job violence is an act of hostility or threat in a work setting among colleagues. In a broader perspective, it is as well considered as a difference in types of behaviors that result in violence or causing safety concerns as noted by Purpora and Blegen (2015). As a consequence, violence...

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The Career Path of an Administrative Assistant

Choosing a Career in Administrative Assistance Choosing a career is a hefty task that requires keen scrutiny of all aspects of the career one intends to join. This paper analyses all the aspects and requirements needed to pursue a successful career in administrative assistance. The career involves management and distribution of...

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