Essays on Financial Crisis

The Causes of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009

Before the global financial crisis of 2007, most of the financial institutions in the U.S. heavily relied on increased lending rates and mortgages as a source of revenues. The building of assets on the mortgages was risky, though none of the companies were willing to hear such information. There were...

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The Financialisation of Households in the Anglo-American Economy

The relationship between households and financialisation. Financialisation is a term used to refer to the process of making and accumulating profit through financial channels in financial institutions rather than the conventional way of trade and production of commodities. The behaviour of household consumers keeps changing depending on payment stagnation, increase...

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Political Economy Analysis of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis

According to Booth (2009), the global financial crisis of 2007-08 also referred to as the Great Recession had a devastating impact on both the societies and economies as a whole. The crisis almost brought down the global financial system. The governments turned to bail-outs financed by the taxpayers to solve...

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The Causes of Financial Crisis

A financial crisis, is a situation in which the money supply gets outpaced by the demand for money. It means that liquidity gets evaporated quickly due to withdrawal of money from the bank. The situation forces the bank to either sell other sell other investments or let it be and...

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The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 and Its Impact on Jarvis PLC

The global financial crisis of 2007-2009 had a negative impact on the economies of various countries around the world. Some companies such as the Lehman Brothers and Jarvis PLC were declared insolvent, thus terminating their operations. The financial crisis would have been prevented had suitable measures been implemented. Prior to...

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Argentina’s economic ​ ​troubles

Argentina was driven into a terrible financial disaster in December 2001 to 2002 due to a restricted put down freeze, a partial non-payment on a communal problem, neglect, and social and biased disarray. All of these events have heightened concerns about the country's relationship with the IMF since they occurred...

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Monetary Policy Tools

A recession is described as a significant deterioration of a country's economic activities that typically lasts several months. Changes in real income, industrial production, employment, wholesale and retail sales, and the country's GDP are typical indicators. A recession usually begins after a period of economic apex. Following economic expansions, the...

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The End of Hyperinflation in Brazil

Brazil experienced significant levels of inflation at several points throughout its history between 1930 and 1980. Brazilians speculated that the inflation was started to serve special interests. Although inflation reached its peak, it faced many hurdles to the world's second largest growing economy. Between 1994 and 1995, the assignment discusses...

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Economic bubbles and why they occur

Bubbles are brief economic periods in which asset prices rise. In this case, everyone experiences the euphoria of wealth and follows the same road as everyone else. A housing bubble, for example, can form, as happened during the financial crisis. The financial sector made owning a home appear so appealing...

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Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Many people acknowledge that inflation is an inevitable element of life. But, in economic settings, the opposite is true. It is known as deflation (Edward, 2016). Deflation is defined as a decrease in the price of products. Although, on the surface, it appears to some to be a positive economic...

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Advantages and disadvantages of international investment - Marriott International

Marriott International's brand is well-known over the world because it is the world's largest hotel corporation. From its 2016 capital structure, overseas investment will help it to diversify its portfolio in order to mitigate the negative effects of economic recessions as well as political risks in its existing markets. In...

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Economic crisis in Russia in 1998

One of the direct reasons of Russia's 1998 economic crisis was the Russian government's failure to address fiscal imbalances. The structural issues were the indirect but more basic culprits. The government had a poor tax framework that did not produce enough money to meet its fiscal responsibilities (Moffett et al...

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