Hotels Obligations to Customer's Health and Wellbeing

Hotels and Health Services Hotels are accountable for the health and the wellbeing of their customers. The society perspective's on health is shifting, as more environmental and health-conscious is witnessed. Therefore, when booking hotels, most people expect to be offered extra services apart from essential amenities. These additional services are mostly...

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The Imperial London Hotel

The Imperial Hotel The Imperial Hotel is a four-star hotel located at the east end of Russell Square, which is part of a group of twenty-five hotels owned and operated by the 4 star market in the United Kingdom. The chief guests at the hotel consist of tourists and business people...

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Grand Hyatt San Antonio: A Successful Hotel

Job Analysis Report/Analysis of Current Employer’s Organization I. Introduction             Working for Grand Hyatt Hotel for the past ten years has been quite a learning experience, both personally and professionally. I started working for the firm in 2008, right when it first opened its branch in downtown San Antonio. II. Company Background A....

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Land owners in Samoa

Samoan landowners Samoan landowners have thwarted attempts to build sizable hotels and resorts, particularly in the coastal regions. The popularity of backpacker tourism has increased as a result, despite some unfavorable government views. This type of tourism has grown in popularity in recent years due to the fact that the majority...

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About Camping

Camping is preferable to living in a hotel because it is more affordable, adventurous, and restorative because nature surrounds campgrounds. Camping is typically the more affordable choice when choosing a place to stay. While living at a hotel requires paying for numerous expenses, such as room service, camping only requires the purchase...

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Advantages and disadvantages of international investment - Marriott International

Marriott International's Diversification Strategy Marriott International's brand is well-known over the world because it is the world's largest hotel corporation. From its 2016 capital structure, overseas investment will help it to diversify its portfolio in order to mitigate the negative effects of economic recessions as well as political risks in its...

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A one night stand

They referred to it as a one-night stand. The motel rooms were stocked with a wide variety of items. What was once dead became alive with a sense of desperation, and what was once immoral became even more so. As the night progressed, we were transformed by the insignificant taking...

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Four Seasons Goes to Paris

This paper examines the Four Seasons case study on its entry into France. The study begins by identifying some of the issues that Four Seasons faced when it became a French employer. Some of the issues include irresponsible personnel and new staff who lack the Four Seasons spirit. The article...

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George's Hotel analysis

To sustain their position as hotel leaders George's hotel must perform studies of the current and future operating business conditions. Economic and market consumer trends should also be evaluated. Thirdly, more focus should be made on the ever-changing competitive hospitality industry. To do this, the hotel must develop a three-year strategic...

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Walt Disney Parks and Hotels history

Walt Disney Parks and Hotels first opened its doors on July 17, 1955. The goal was to develop a location focused on immersive experiences and narrative. Furthermore, he wished to usher in a new era oriented mostly on family entertainment (Wasko 2013, 40). For the past sixty years, the Walt...

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Applying the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) to provide the Highest Values for Squire Hotel Group's Stakeholders

This paper exemplifies the advantages of the EFQM Excellence paradigm. It offers Squire Hotel Group (SHG) a widely accepted method for creating principles and plans of action that will direct the stakeholders toward achieving long-term success. Experiences from renowned companies like BMW and Tifco Hotel Group demonstrate that adopting EFQM...

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The Hotel Industry

In general, hotels are locations where travelers can get food, drinks, and lodging services. The hotel sector offers a wide range of products and services connected to hospitality and customer satisfaction. In this sense, the hotel sector of the global economy is the busiest. The term "hotel industry" refers to...

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