Essays on Tourism Industry

Investment in the tourism sector in Vietnam

Investing in the tourist sector has the ability to improve a country's economy as well as its international relations. In recent years, Vietnam has actively boosted its tourism sector by improving infrastructure, enacting tourist-friendly legislation, and even opening museums. The country has been able to use its dramatic history of...

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The Impact of Globalisation on the Development of Tourism industry

Several things influence the tourist industry's future. Globalization and sustainable development are two of these factors. Globalisation in tourism refers to the process through which modest tourism and hospitality businesses can gain international clout and begin attracting tourists on a global scale. Sustainable development, on the other hand, aims to...

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The hospitality sector

The hospitality industry has expanded significantly in many parts of the world. The issue, though, is managing the expectations of visitors, who are increasing in number. The number of tourists visiting various regions of the world has increased, boosting the growth of the tourism industry. Ocean Park in Hong Kong...

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The ecolabels in tourism

Tourism ecolabels are common yet disorganized. They can be set up by industries, individuals, businesses, organizations, or government bodies. Scales range from single actions to worldwide designations. It is unclear how much influence they have on clients' purchase decisions. Ecolabels are derived from labels. Labels are straightforward descriptions of something that...

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Sustainable Tourism Development and Planning

Tourism planning is essential for the success of any tourism development as well as its management (Murphy, 2013). The experiences gained from the majority of tourism zones around the world suggest that successful tourism planning results in various benefits to the governments. Regions that have allowed tourism to expand without...

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Tourism Industry and Antigua People

This key-word is used to show the influence of the tourism industry on the Antigua people. It is a phenomena that has produced numerous effects on the people including colonialism and bad economic and social conditions. In modern times, this type of recolonization causes profound effects on the people and...

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Tourism Industry in Panama City Florida

Over the years, Panama City Florida; placed in Bay County in Florida, has emerged as one of America’s most attractive locations for tourists. Buoyed by expanded investments, natural splendor as well as infrastructural developments; Panama City’s tourism enterprise has over the years recorded unprecedented growth. As a result, in the...

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Social Media Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Social networks have grown lately to rule all aspects of life, such as news, interaction, politics, advertising, etc. The majority of people have access to social media, which is why by 2013, it had replaced television as the top platform used by people for social activities, according to the time...

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