Tourism Industry in Panama City Florida

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Over the years, Panama City Florida; placed in Bay County in Florida, has emerged as one of America’s most attractive locations for tourists. Buoyed by expanded investments, natural splendor as well as infrastructural developments; Panama City’s tourism enterprise has over the years recorded unprecedented growth. As a result, in the modern world, Panama’s tourism industry has emerged as a pillar of the city’s financial development. According to statistics due to tourism, the u . s . a . experiences approximately 5.5% increase rate on an annual foundation making it the fastest developing city amongst Bay County’s seven Cities (Panama City Beach). Research suggests that Panama City generated more than $11 billion yearly from not solely state, but additionally local taxes in regard to the tourism industry.

The primary type of tourism recorded by Panama City is leisure tourism, which entails traveling in order to take vacations from daily life, due to its beaches, entertainment venues, hotels, and restaurants. Although there are other types of tourism recorded such as business and nature travel, however, leisure travel is far most the most common type of tourism. Development of the tourism industry has also greatly contributed to employment rates in the City and generally in Bay country. According to statistics, travel-related jobs are extremely high with approximately 1,200,000 Floridians employed in Panama City’s tourism industries, in areas such as the hotels and restaurants and entertainment venues among other areas. Moreover, according to surveys, tourism-related jobs account for more than 30,000 employment opportunities in Bay County (Baumgarten).

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