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Writing a travelling essay is a fun task that will give you the opportunity to express your ideas on this exciting topic. After all, if there is an outdoor activity that is equally appealing to all – it’s traveling. Travelling essays recognize that we all have different tastes when it comes to travelling. According to essays on travelling, some prefer busy cities with modern architecture, some love old cottages and castles, while others travel to swim in seas or oceans, to sail – there is something in traveling for everyone! Authors of essays note that over 1,4 billion people in the world travel each year, and millennials are those who travel the most often. Check out our travelling essay samples if you want to learn more. Essay samples we listed are interesting, informative, and easy to read.

Technology Adoption in the Hospitality Industry

The research examined impacts of technology in the restaurant industry. In order to formulate appropriate answers for the study, quantitative approach was used because of its capability to gather enough data for the findings. Besides, 100 individuals participated in the research where they provided different views regarding how the adoption...

Words: 3243

Pages: 12

Impacts of Terrorist Attacks on People's Perception of London as a Touristic Destination

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the impacts of terroristic attacks on people’s perception of London as a tourism destination. The problem which the study intends to solve is to gauge the possibility of terror attacks affecting the London’s tourism especially noting that the industry employs several people...

Words: 3044

Pages: 12

The Concept of Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism has been a subject of study over the years. Wilkinson (1992) addressed the question on how tourism can be managed more socially and environmentally. Most tourism organisations have adapted to initiatives into their business operations and in their market operation to engage in responsible tourism practices, especially those...

Words: 439

Pages: 2

The Impact of Adventure Tourism on the Environment

Bellis, Fiona. "Tour Operators should Tell Clients about Potential Risks of Adventure Holidays." BMJ : British Medical Journal, vol. 324, no. 7344, 2002, pp. 1040. ProQuest,, doi: During an adventure, an adventurer looks forward to different skills depending on their experience before and the nature of options available. The authors...

Words: 1279

Pages: 5

Strategies Used By Emirates Airline To Retain Its Market Share

Emirates Airlines: A Successful Commercial Air Carrier Emirates Airlines is a commercial air carrier which has been successful in the industry. The corporation has remained operational despite the stiff competition from other international airline carriers. The headquarters of the Emirates Airline is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Emirates uses aircrafts...

Words: 675

Pages: 3

The Visual Menu

Tramonto Restaurant menu is one of a kind that can make someone without the intention of eating think of having a bite while still in the hotel.  The visual aspect of the menu is desirable because the pictures of the foods are lovely and...

Words: 266

Pages: 1

The Impact of Tourism on the Environment

Negative Impacts of Tourism on the Environment Nations with tourist attraction sites have benefited from the income that tourism contributes to the economy through employment, foreign exchange earnings, and growth of service sectors (Postma and Schmuecker, 145). However, tourism may also result in adverse outcomes in the environment, communities, natural resources,...

Words: 1287

Pages: 5

The Adventures of Jim and the Twins

“We are going to have a good time there,” Jim assured Tom and Billy. “The last time we swam at the pond, it was cool and enjoyable. The fish are big and easy to catch,” he continued. The other boys looked at him as they hastened their strides. Their faces...

Words: 569

Pages: 3

The Impact of Attending the Massachusetts Association Of Student Councils Camp

The Most Crucial Event in My Life The most crucial event in my life was attending the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils camp. The ten days that I interacted with student leaders from various learning institutions left a significant impact on me. Apart from students, there were also other influential public...

Words: 587

Pages: 3

My Experience at Kilimanjaro

A Great Adventure to Mount Kilimanjaro My folks have always been great adventurers taking expeditions all over the world. Being the only child, I am never left behind except for their trip to Mount Everest where I was left with my grandparents. In the summer of my final year of high...

Words: 922

Pages: 4

National Park Diversity

The Lack of Ethnic Diversity in American National Parks The fact that almost all national parks system in American based on racial grounds where white is the majority race, so it means that most of the parks do not have ethnic diversity. The perception that the system has no variety and...

Words: 1070

Pages: 4

Benefits of Medical Tourism

Introduction Did you know that you can explore a new part of the world all while receiving a medical treatment or procedure? This is the case for some medical patients who travel abroad. Welcome to the world of medical tourism. Most patients are involved in medical tourism for four major reasons...

Words: 2052

Pages: 8

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