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Writing a travelling essay is a fun task that will give you the opportunity to express your ideas on this exciting topic. After all, if there is an outdoor activity that is equally appealing to all – it’s traveling. Travelling essays recognize that we all have different tastes when it comes to travelling. According to essays on travelling, some prefer busy cities with modern architecture, some love old cottages and castles, while others travel to swim in seas or oceans, to sail – there is something in traveling for everyone! Authors of essays note that over 1,4 billion people in the world travel each year, and millennials are those who travel the most often. Check out our travelling essay samples if you want to learn more. Essay samples we listed are interesting, informative, and easy to read.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, maturing or declining?

Fast food consumption has risen dramatically in recent years. Many companies have invested in this industry and achieved mainstream success as a result of its steady and growing market. Chipotle Mexican Grill, which began as a burrito restaurant in 1993, is one of these companies. As a new business, the...

Words: 1893

Pages: 7

Operational Performance in a Small Operation: Hotel

Hotel A is a restaurant in Bromsgrove, Birmingham. It is owned by a local businessman who also serves as its manager. He has hired ten employees to help with day-to-day operations in order to serve the nearby working-class regions. The cafeteria provides low-cost cuisine to the local community. Yet, the...

Words: 1605

Pages: 6

World Graduate Market

A significant portion of the growth in the Gross Domestic Products (GDPs) of many nations throughout the world has been attributed to the tourism and travel industries. The sector has produced prosperity for nations all over the world and job opportunities for many different economic sectors. Numerous graduates from various...

Words: 1701

Pages: 7

Contingency Theory in the Case of Parker and Southwest Airlines

As the CEO of Southwest Airlines, James Parker relies heavily on the contingency theory to make quick judgments that have helped the firm prosper in challenging times. This notion highlights that a leader's decision-making process is not always consistent. Some decisions, however, are made based on the underlying internal or...

Words: 888

Pages: 4


Crises are possible in any aviation scenario, necessitating the deployment of special personnel to deal with them. The reaction compares aircraft rescue and firefighting at a commercial airdrome to those of an aircraft carrier. To put out flames, the navy use a combination of chemicals and sea water. In contrast, the...

Words: 354

Pages: 2

Airline Flight 232

Flight 232 from the United States was engaged in a terrible aviation catastrophe twenty-eight years ago. Thankfully, 185 of the 285 passengers miraculously escaped due to the successful emergency management aircrew's containment, but 111 passengers died in the tragedy. As a result, Flight 232 made an emergency landing northwest of...

Words: 1436

Pages: 6

JetBlue Airways Corporation

JetBlue Airlines Corporation was founded on the principles of low-cost, refreshingly efficient customer service and no-hassle ticketing. The company's initial purpose was to reduce many of the inefficiencies and difficulties of commercial air travel while also setting a new standard for customer service. Thus far the company has soared past...

Words: 4722

Pages: 18

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park is a significant national park in California, mainly in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of Fresno. The aforementioned park was established in 1940. The park encompasses 461,901 acres of land. The park is recognized for including a sizable portion of America's largest mountain range, including the...

Words: 1487

Pages: 6

Japan Airlines Flight 123

In 1985, Japan Airlines Flight 123 was planned to take the sixth flight from Tokyo to Osaka at Haneda Airport. Nevertheless, the flight was cut short around twelve minutes after takeoff due to a tremor, cabin decompression, and a loud band. Following then, the plane's essential systems gradually failed, resulting...

Words: 768

Pages: 3

accident plane crash such as that of Pan Am Flight 759

In the event of a plane crash, such as Pan Am Flight 759, emergency reaction and firefighting are critical to mitigating the effects of crash explosions. The firemen must understand how to manage the fire in accordance with emergency response procedures that have evolved over the last thirty years to...

Words: 3013

Pages: 11


Cairo is Egypt's capital and largest city, with numerous prominent hotels offering some of the most fascinating evening menus. This paper talks about a normal meal in Cairo, Egypt. It goes into detail on how the meal represents the region in terms of location, culture, human/environmental interactions, and movement. The...

Words: 367

Pages: 2

Advantages and disadvantages of international investment - Marriott International

Marriott International's brand is well-known over the world because it is the world's largest hotel corporation. From its 2016 capital structure, overseas investment will help it to diversify its portfolio in order to mitigate the negative effects of economic recessions as well as political risks in its existing markets. In...

Words: 315

Pages: 2

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