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People’s life is accompanied by an endless variety of feelings, moods, and experiences – you can explore one of them in your fear essay. Most essays on fear describe fear as an emotion that arises in situations of the threat to the biological or social existence of an individual and is aimed at a source of real or imagined danger. Fear essays note that fear varies in a fairly wide range: concern, dread, fear, horror, phobia, etc. If the source of the danger is uncertain or unconscious, people tend to feel anxious – fear essay samples and anxiety essays often study this topic. However, fear can also be very helpful to human survival – it drives us to be cautious and alert. We should learn to contain our fear and not succumb to it. Essay samples below will cover many topics on the rear – give them a read!


Terrorism is defined as the use of intimidation or violence to instill fear in a society in order to achieve a specific political goal. Terrorist acts by various terrorist organisations target locations of interest and may result in large casualties, primarily among civilians and terrorists themselves. Terrorist groups use various...

Words: 649

Pages: 3


Intimidation has been used for centuries to gain control of an unruly group or to sway opinion in the political arena. Some emperors used intimidation to keep control of their kingdoms, while terrorist groups used intimidation to control the population and gain support from those who would otherwise support the...

Words: 3145

Pages: 12

Homeland Security Threats

This letter is made to the department in response to a request for information; there have been multiple shootings and acts of terrorism in various sections of the country recently. Incidents like the Vegas massacres have instilled dread in the American people while showcasing the country's weaknesses. Both American citizens...

Words: 1820

Pages: 7

Biological Factors in Emotion, Cognitive Factors in Emotion

Emotion is a complicated psychophysiological experience that is influenced by our interactions with our surroundings. Positive and negative emotions are both possible. There is also a link between emotions and objects, experiences, social feelings, and self-appraisal sensations. Some emotions, such as love, joy, rage, and fear, are intrinsic. Personal experiences,...

Words: 263

Pages: 1

international relations and peace

Peace is the most wanted but seldom found object. It refers to a state of calm in which there is no disorder, aggression, or terror. At the present, humanity's evolutionary challenge is to achieve harmony. Many nations around the globe are attempting to find a solution to the global problem...

Words: 926

Pages: 4

globalization and political culture

The number of refugees leaving their disillusioned homelands and countries ripped apart by war, brutality, and populism is rising worldwide. Stringent policies imposed not only by the US government but also by other nations, in response to the influx of refugees are harsh and can have a negative effect on...

Words: 1973

Pages: 8

Defense for Bisclavret's wife

Given the circumstances, Bisclavret's wife was treated harshly. Her literal meaning led her to believe that her husband was cheating on her with another woman. While Bisclavret's wife loved him, she was concerned that he was not leading a faithful life. Perhaps his communication system was ineffective because it allowed...

Words: 323

Pages: 2

Logic and Critical Thinking

What kind of advertisements are these (the Seventeen ads) — identification or promise? Who is meant to identify with whom? Or, what exactly is being promised? What message(s) about sex do the Seventeen Magazine photos convey to young girls? What do you say to young boys about sex? According to the...

Words: 458

Pages: 2

Stage Anxiety managing

According to Bill Allin's voice, fear is a dominant source of light in a person, not our vulnerability. Since we were made by God's glory, fear should not be used to derail the glory aspect; rather, glory should be used to transcend personal inferiority. Fear, according to Bill, serves as...

Words: 284

Pages: 2

Pain that is Chronic

Suppression was described by Baumeister, Dale, and Sommer (1998) as an approach used by many individuals to defend themselves against various forms of psychological and social threats. The nature of the authors' discussion of repression demonstrates that most people resort to defense mechanisms such as denial, isolation, and creation of...

Words: 350

Pages: 2

Disorder of Anxiety

Fear can be seen as a natural response to stress that can aid in certain cases. It allows people to remain alert to hazards and pay proper attention. Anxiety disorder goes beyond ordinary feelings of anxiety or nervousness, when intense apprehension and fear are involved. A sense of anxiety is...

Words: 545

Pages: 2

Most sexual abuse victims suffer lifelong damage

The survivor is subjected to traumatizing circumstances after a sexual assault incident. The consequences include social, mental, and psychological elements. After being involved in such a situation, the fear of losing the safe life that one is used to may lead to pretense. However, the influence of the experience lasts...

Words: 1392

Pages: 6

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