Essays on Western Culture

Summary of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Ruth Benedict’s book The Chrysanthemum and the Sword offers a thorough examination of Japanese culture. The author looked at certain cultural practices and habits that make Japan distinct and are difficult for Westerners to comprehend. The author identifies the details of Japanese thinking on social and private life in chapters…

Words: 358

Pages: 2

The Rhetoric Traditions

The discipline of rhetoric as a whole has long been linked to ancient Greece (Worthington, 2008). Aristotle is credited with coining the term and defining it as “an available tool of persuading.” One of the important elements in the Western educational system’s preparation of writers to captivate audiences is rhetoric,…

Words: 1428

Pages: 6

Comparing Japanese Communication Dynamics to Western Culture

Each region has its own culture and traditions. Some nations and groups have strong links to their culture, which influences most aspects of their everyday existence. People are a little bit more enlightened in westernized countries like Europe and America, thus they choose to design their own desired lives rather…

Words: 1531

Pages: 6

Western Society’s Invisible Forces

Have you ever considered how Western society has affected your ability to hold a variety of viewpoints? Music, a crucial component of culture, is impacted over time as society changes, which also has an impact on other things. Western culture has influenced many different genres of music; world music is…

Words: 1746

Pages: 7

Feminism and its literary forerunners

In fiction or nonfiction, the term “feminist” is used to denote the cultural, political, economic, and political movement that aimed to provide equal rights and legal protection for women. It covers sociological and political viewpoints that address issues related to feminine differences as well as activities that promote gender parity…

Words: 4319

Pages: 16

Summary of Video and the Article

Cultural gaps occur between how Westerners, such as Americans, see the world and how Easterners, such as Japanese and Chinese, see it. Westerners see the universe as a set of isolated items, while Easterners see it as integrated and linked to everything else (Bueno, 2012). For example, if American students…

Words: 654

Pages: 3

being taken to other countries

World literature has long been regarded as an important source of global knowledge about states and cultures. Most scholars discover global science by traveling between countries and interacting with their citizens. This is later recorded in books and documents for the public and other historians to access. This has resulted…

Words: 1701

Pages: 7

Biological Warfare

Many people in western culture are terrified of the concept of biological weapons because it has the ability to wipe out whole populations. The biological agent used in this sense may be anything from a viable microorganism to a potent byproduct of the organism’s metabolic processes. The ability of biological…

Words: 965

Pages: 4

Human aggression

I assume that human violence has become a norm in western culture after looking at the chapter on human aggression. Aggression is a descriptive concept that influences the environment and culture directly. Aggression as a special trait, which is observed in all animals, is important to consider. I think violence…

Words: 572

Pages: 3

Compare the Differences between Western and Non-Western Cultures On the Definition of Monsters

Monster tales abounded in ancient times. Given how little most people knew most of the world’s phenomena during those ancient times, it’s easy to see why chimera tales were so popular. People were using monster tales to describe phenomena they didn’t understand in the universe. Despite this, tales about freaks…

Words: 2124

Pages: 8

Movie poster of the titanic

Through theater, film, and music, Western culture has been spread to the rest of the world.” The Western film industry thrives on the kindness displayed by the rest of the world as it marvels at the technologies used in production as well as the sentimental appeals that come with such…

Words: 1119

Pages: 5

Premature Mortality psychological effects

Birth and death are the two main points of life, one signalling the beginning and the other signaling the termination of life. Although birth is celebrated in all cultures around the world, death is greeted with defiance and terror. The fear of death has led to a fascination with death…

Words: 1763

Pages: 7

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