Essays on Western Culture

What makes Alexander the Great the first superhero of Western culture?

Alexander the Great is revered as the hero of western culture for his numerous conquests and diplomatic approach. (Callisthenes, and Stoneman 45). The Persian Empire, which was at the time the largest and was surrounded by powerful kings and warriors, was eventually conquered by Alexander with the help of his...

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History of Christianity in Western Europe:

Because of the development of western culture starting in the first century, the history of Christianity includes the church, churchgoers, Christian religion, and Christian denominations. The term "Western civilization" refers to the civilization that originated in Europe and spread to other parts of the globe, including Australia, America, and New...

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The Contemporary Role of ‘Popular Culture’

Pop culture, also referred to as popular culture, describes the ideas, perspectives, and practices that are considered to be part of the mainstream of a specific culture, such as the most popular or up-and-coming one at the moment, like the western culture. A culture is essentially a collection or domain...

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Western culture and CCTV

Western culture has evolved into a civilization that conveys concepts and ideas primarily through the use of visual images. With the development of imaging technologies, the reliance on visual information has significantly increased. Therefore, according to Porter (2009), the widespread use of CCTV (closed-circuit television) has in some way made...

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The development of new technology and continuing scientific research are changing how people view the world. In reality, it has caused a significant decline in the fundamental academic standards in western countries, which has made science less important for human sociocultural progress. This persuasive essay demonstrates how anti-scientific myths are...

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movie junkies

Regardless of their cultures or the makeup of the society they live in, people all over the world frequently strive for a decent life. To live a happy life, one must integrate their thoughts, objectives, and aspirations with their daily activities in order to improve the future. I have learned...

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Difference between a Platonic Form and the way Aristotle think of form

The two most important Greek philosophers, Aristotle and Plato, provided the groundwork for what is now known as western philosophy. Yet, the two thinkers had different perspectives on a wide range of issues, including politics, art, injustice, and justice, as well as their role in human nature. The human function was...

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The Westerners and the Japanese

When it came to feeding the primates during the course of a study, the Westerners and the Japanese used different ways. The Europeans feared that feeding the primates under investigation would interfere with the animals' natural behavior in the long run, thereby interfering with the study's conclusions. Westerners believed that...

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Summary of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Ruth Benedict's book The Chrysanthemum and the Sword offers a thorough examination of Japanese culture. The author looked at certain cultural practices and habits that make Japan distinct and are difficult for Westerners to comprehend. The author identifies the details of Japanese thinking on social and private life in chapters...

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The Rhetoric Traditions

The discipline of rhetoric as a whole has long been linked to ancient Greece (Worthington, 2008). Aristotle is credited with coining the term and defining it as "an available tool of persuading." One of the important elements in the Western educational system's preparation of writers to captivate audiences is rhetoric,...

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Comparing Japanese Communication Dynamics to Western Culture

Each region has its own culture and traditions. Some nations and groups have strong links to their culture, which influences most aspects of their everyday existence. People are a little bit more enlightened in westernized countries like Europe and America, thus they choose to design their own desired lives rather...

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Western Society's Invisible Forces

Have you ever considered how Western society has affected your ability to hold a variety of viewpoints? Music, a crucial component of culture, is impacted over time as society changes, which also has an impact on other things. Western culture has influenced many different genres of music; world music is...

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