Movie poster of the titanic

Through theater, film, and music, Western culture has been spread to the rest of the world." The Western film industry thrives on the kindness displayed by the rest of the world as it marvels at the technologies used in production as well as the sentimental appeals that come with such production. The Titanic movie poster is analyzed in this paper, with visual cues used to illustrate the themes found in the film as it plays on the screen. Overall, the Titanic is a love story that is made in the heavenly glory of God, but it ends in the depth of the sea for its toxicity caused by unreasonable minds caused by rapid western civilization.The image’s resolution is 1000 x1432; a photograph that advertises the Titanic movie to be shown in theaters. The main characters in the film are adults, that is, a man and a woman posing in love making position. This implies that the audience is primarily adult, and any viewers under the legal age must do so with parental guidance. Also, the film brings into context the story of the Titanic thereby making people interested in the story of the Titanic to be part of the audience.Looking at the man and woman whose faces are bolded, it is widely known that Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose) are well-known actors who have a huge following. Their presence on the poster with Jack holding Rose passionately elicits emotional feelings of a romantic attachment that is hard to break apart from attracting their global fan base that admires them. A chemist would call the bond covalent, and it all seems unbreakable in whatever circumstances. It depicts a love made in heaven and blessed with all the things the world can offer. The two have glowing faces depicting good health and a fulfilling life of western civilization. Their life looks refined and bold.The main image on the poster is that of the ship called "The Titanic." Western civilization and culture are known to be bold in many ways. The technological advancements are just marvelous. The story of the Titanic baptizes the ship to be the largest of all time, with its magnificence unmatched to this date. Thus, the image of the ship takes almost half of the poster, indicating that a movie is a maritime act. Apart from the ship, Rose is dressed in a ball dress; Jack is in a colorful shirt; maybe made out of viscous cotton which reveals that the accession is hot. The lower part of the ship and the margin as a whole are dark, which connotes that the movie may be tragic or it has terrible experiences.Below the ship, there is a billing block which gives more information that the audience is not aware of such as the institutional details. The billing blocks take the audience back in time by linking the directors to three famous movies: Aliens, T2 and True Lies. There is not information about the directors in the film, but the billing block reveals this. Typically, billing blocks used to appear on traditional movies. However, movies nowadays do not come with such information, and if it does, then it is quite scanty. Having a billing block on the poster could mean that the image is from the very first Titanic movie editions. It significantly magnifies the heritage of the Titanic story in a few words- that the story has been here for ages. It also reveals that the movie was produced some decade ago before IMDb.The sharp contrasts that the top and the lower parts of the image bring are so obvious that we see the nexus of modernity and traditional aspects of western culture. The West was knowledgeable, yet ignorant of the fact that the Titanic was not independent of the laws of nature. How could they have built such a massive ship and expect it to survive the buoyant forces of mid-sea currents? Thus, in essence, the sinking of the Titanic, paved the way for modern ship building thinking that is reflected in the brighter colors used for the top pictures.Perhaps the title is the most important part of the image since it summarizes the whole image and its intent. Most people understand or have heard of the Titanic. Most individuals who have not watched the movie they know that ‘The Titanic' is a story of a much-celebrated shipbuilding technology that latter disappointed the creators. The destruction caused can only be described as heart wrecking. Bold and white, the title shows the boldness and purity of the initial creation. The Titanic was supposed to bring the divine nature of God to earth by promoting the excellence of God. Its failure to impress is riddled in the black section where the wordings are placed. The meaning of black in the background of the title ‘Titanic' is that to the eye the Titanic was an incredible creation, but in the real, since it was as useless as its weakest point.“Nothing on earth could come between them”- this is the tagline of the Titanic movie poster. Reflecting back on the two dominant images: the man and woman and the ship below, it is easy to recognize the irony that is born. Of course, the tagline is memorable and brings so much emotion before, during and after watching the film, but its deep meaning is quite confusing. Jack and Rose appear too close to each other to be separated by anything, but until the Titanic came in between them. The tagline is a lie and illustrates how life presents us with many wrong perspectives. In connection to the confusion brought by the slogan, the artist’s impression of the poster is that of the divine nature of the relationship between Jack and Rose. The sky blue and whitish colors of this section connote a pure and unfettered holy relationship. This is enhanced by the low opacity of the image. However, the tagline foreshadows the tragic ending as it is written in the dark part of the ship’s image.Overall, each element of the picture has something emotive to the real Titanic story as it was told. The tagline "Nothing on earth could come between them" remains to be the most explicit expression on the poster revealing the romantic nature of the film. A lot can be deduced from the image regarding layering of the images and the themes created, but having the ship below and submerged in dark colors while the top image being bright and showing intimacy summarizes the story as a good start to sad ending narrative. Indeed, love makes the world a better place, but it is not everything.

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