Pornography and Gender Equality

This research will explore feminism and Porngraphy, looking at how porn links to feminist politics and thus, shows gender equality. The study will explore the sociological context of pornography and how various feminist theories interlink. The study aims to analyse pornography as something which is created and interpreted within the...

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Pages: 6

Gender Inequality on Social Media

The society regards women differently from their male counterparts. Even on social media platforms, the images the two gender members post differ significantly. Evidently, a woman appears as a lesser human as compared to their male counterparts. Perhaps we could blame this tendency on the conventional patriarchal society we live....

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Pages: 15

The Concept of Good and Evil in Film

The film industry has experienced one of the biggest cultural influences of the 21st century as depicted by its massive following across the globe. The growth of internet technology has enabled movie producers to create interesting and highly captivating content that has never been seen before in cinematography. Central to...

Words: 4992

Pages: 19

The Disney Animated Films

The Disney Animated Films The Disney animated films released the first film which pioneered a new form of entertaining the family. Some of these films include the snow white and the Seven dwarfs. This makes the parents and children entertained and they are enjoying the films. The Disney films are based...

Words: 351

Pages: 2

Transnational Appeal of Japanese Culture in Studio Ghibli Films

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film company operating from its global headquarters at Koganei Tokyo, Japan. The firm is a renown animation film company, with a special focus on the anime feature films, characterised by hand drawn computer animations originating from the Japanese culture. In addition to animation films,...

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Pornography and Gender Equality

Pornography is often defined as a discourse about male domination and a site of oppression for women, in which some feminists strongly condemn seeing it as disrespect to women's bodies. In this study, this very preconceived idea of pornography as some erotic media that are disrespectful and explore feminist arguments...

Words: 2232

Pages: 9

Perception in Movies

Perceptions in movies are defined as the sensory and cognitive processes that are employed when watching. They are presented through image editing. The primary purpose of most films is to tell a story. Therefore, when developing a movie, the primary focus for most directors is how the narrative perception appeals...

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Growing up, I have undergone numerous phases which saw me interested in different aspects. At first, I was over-enthusiastic about electronics. Kicking off my obsession with the then Dick Smith electronic kits, I could dismantle and reassemble small transmitters and components of the home stereos. To my parents’ astonishment, I...

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Pages: 11

The Impact of Sound as a Medium of Narration in Fiction Films

Fiction films and the Use of Sound Fiction films employ sound as a medium of narration. The dissertation seeks to outline the elements of sound that make it usable in fiction films, and explores the elements, such as sonic landscape and musical scores. Yet, the study unravels the diverse application of...

Words: 309

Pages: 2

The Role of Sound in Fiction Films

Elements, such as sonic landscape and musical scores affect the film environment. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the influence of sound as a narrative medium in fiction films and examining the critical role of sound in conveying messages in fiction films. Music and voice-overs/dialogues can be synchronized...

Words: 5100

Pages: 19

Gender Imbalance in Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (1859-1930) Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (1859-1930) may probably have lived in one of the hardest times for English and Scottish middleclass. The epoch instigated to Doyle s mind vivid ideology of Victorian middleclass. It is during this period when the Marxist ideology is at its penetration to...

Words: 401

Pages: 2

The Similarities Between Italian Neorealism Movement and Hollywood Movies

1. Goals and Research questions The primary goal of this study is to determine the major similarities between the Italian neorealism movement and Hollywood movies. The following research questions shall be used in guiding this study. (a) Are there significant differences between Italian neorealism movement and Hollywood...

Words: 753

Pages: 3

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