The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a young adult novel by American author John Green. It is the fourth of Green’s solo novels, and his sixth overall. Published in January 2012, this book explores the lives of three teenagers, Hazel, and Augustus Waters, who are torn between their desire to…

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Is Squidward a Narcissist?

If you are like most people, you’ve been watching the squidward cartoons since the beginning. In fact, you probably know every single bit of trivia about this octopus. But have you ever considered what makes Squidward tick? Is he a narcissist? Is he jealous of people? Is he a stick…

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Is The Blind Side Worth Seeing?

The Blind Side is a highly acclaimed drama based on a true story. The film was involved in numerous controversies, such as depictions of an African-American bending over to white authority. While some criticized this depiction, others praised Michael’s message of perseverance. He even expressed gratitude to his adoptive family…

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Like Water For Chocolate Book

Like Water for Chocolate is a story of love and redemption that’s both poignant and witty. Laura Esquivel’s debut novel was adapted into a film in 2002 and has since been a hit with critics and audiences alike. Esquivel’s realism and magic realism are on full display in this captivating…

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Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie’s autobiographical essay uses extended metaphors to show the transition from personal to social levels. In the book, we see the Author’s love of reading and writing, as well as the passion for writing and reading that is evident throughout the text. Superman, the fictional superhero, is no different….

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A Movie Review of “The Help”

If you haven’t seen “The Help” yet, you’re in for a treat. This period drama is chock full of humor, poignancy, and hope. The message of the film is one that is both timeless and universal. This is an emotional film that you won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for…

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Pages: 2

Five Theories About the Origins of Paranormal Activity

There are many theories about the origins of paranormal activity, from Asmodeus to Next of Kin. But which are the most plausible? And which of them are based on real footage? These are questions that this article answers to help you make an educated decision about whether or not paranormal…

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Hybrid Movie

Hybrid Movie by Yelena Lanskaya is an underdeveloped horror film that features chintzy production values and a tepid plot. It follows a young man who receives a wolf eye transplant, and finds himself gradually developing the traits of his donor animal. The movie might have been more compelling had the…

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Battle of Algiers Historical Facts

If you’re interested in the Battle of Algiers and its impact on Algerian identity and French colonialism, this article can help you learn more about this important conflict. It also discusses the historical lessons learned from the event, and its effects on Algerian identity and French colonialism. We’ll also discuss…

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The Movie “Ken Carter”

The story revolves around Ken Carter, a high school basketball coach from Richmond, California who returns to set up a team. This time, he enforces academic and athletic discipline and locks the players out of the gym, which effectively shuts down the championship season. While some may take this approach,…

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Pretty Little Liars Cyberbullies

Fans of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ have been shedding light on the subject of cyberbullying. The series, which airs on ABC, explores the consequences of online bullying. In recent episodes, Shay Mitchell has discussed the effects of online bullying. Shay Mitchell’s comments have led to a public debate on cyberbullying and…

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Negatives of the 300 Movie

The 300 movie has some good points, but it’s still a bit of a mixed bag. In this article, I’ll discuss Orientalism, the lack of Spartan women in the film, and the misrepresentation of Leonidas. And, as always, I’ll try to avoid spoilers! But first, let’s talk about the negatives:…

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