Essays on Movie Summary

The Mathew Shepard Story

Referred by the title The Mathew Shepherd , the movie is a Canadian-American film produced in 2002 and directed by Spottiswoode Roger. The movie was acted based on a true story of a young adult who was gay and murdered in 1998. The death of the openly declared gay...

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Working business and corporate Strategies employed by Netflix inc

Introduction With several entertainment sectors vying for the constantly expanding market, movies have been a fantastic kind of entertainment. Today, Netflix has more than 24.4 million customers, a significant increase since the turn of the century. This is a result of certain functional, business, and corporate plans that were set in...

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Our Day Out Television Play

Our Day Out Our Day Out is a television play about poor children from Liverpool. It first aired on BBC2 on 28 December 1977 at nine in the morning and has since been turned into a stage musical. We look at the characters, the plot, and the escapades of the poor...

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Exit Through the Gift Shop Movie

The documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, sparked many conspiracy theories after its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. One popular theory suggested that Banksy, David Guetta, and Thierry were all fakes whose real purpose was to make a commercial film lampooning the commercialization of art. Another theory asserted that...

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Audrey Hepburn's Movie Classics

Audrey Hepburn: A Leading Lady of the Screen For over half a century, Audrey Hepburn has been a leading lady of the screen. Her movies have inspired generations of actors and are regarded as classics. The following are just a few of her best performances: Funny Face, My Fair Lady, and...

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The Office and Eric Birling

In the present episode of The Office, we see the Inspector's investigation into the suicide of Eva Smith, who killed herself by drinking a disinfectant. Two years earlier, Eva Smith had worked for Mr. Birling, but he fired her for leading a strike for higher wages. Eric objects to the...

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Zootopia Movie Review

In this Disney animated film, a mammal metropolis is transformed into a vibrant, colorful city. Judy Hopps is the city s first rabbit police officer and quickly learns the challenges of enforcing the law. When a mysterious case comes her way, Judy jumps at the chance to solve it and...

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Inherit the Wind Movie Review

Inherit the Wind Inherit the Wind is a 1960 American drama film. It was inspired by the Scopes Trial of 1925, during which a Tennessee high-school teacher was charged with teaching evolution. The names of the courtroom participants were changed for the film, but Spencer Tracy and Fredric March played the...

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Twin Peaks and the X-Files

One of the longest-running science fiction series in network television history, X-Files centers on a team of FBI special agents who investigate mind-bending cases. The government, however, is convinced that these reports are all bunk. Conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder is played by David Duchovny, while realist Dana Scully...

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Spider-Man Movie Review

This Spider-Man movie review will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the film. We will focus on the role of Tom Holland s Spider-Man, the new villains, positive themes, and Action sequences. To get a better understanding of the movie, we will look at some of the most notable...

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Gladiator Movie Review

Gladiator Gladiator is a film about a once powerful general who is sold into slavery and trained as a common gladiator. His father dies and his family is murdered, leaving the general a poor slave. As a result, the general becomes popular in the arena, and his popularity threatens to take...

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Shifu Panda - The Legendary Red Panda

In addition to his own students, Master Shifu also trained many of the greatest warriors in history. One of his greatest failures was Tai Lung, but he later redeemed himself and trained the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior Po. He was a student of Master Oogway, another highly skilled master. Master...

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