A Review of the Film Ethan Frome by Alfred Hitchcock

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The novel Ethan Frome was written by Edith Wharton in 1911. It is set in the fictitious town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. It has been adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt. In the novel, Ethan frome finds his love life to be complicated. The characters he encounters are all well-written and sympathetic. Throughout the novel, Ethan is also a strong supporter of his girlfriend Zeena Silver.

Mattie Silver is a cousin of Zeena
A wealthy family, Mattie Silver is a close relative of Zeena Frome. She came from a rich family, but her mother was a shameful mismanager of money. When her father died, she was left with only fifty dollars, and had to work in different jobs in order to pay her bills. Ethan thinks she’s a poor worker, but she is very quick to learn. Zeena takes on the responsibility of looking after her.

While Zeena Frome’s parents were wealthy, Mattie’s father was very poor. He moved to Connecticut, married, and led people to believe that he was a successful businessman. Unfortunately, his business endeavors were not as successful as he claimed. Eventually, Mattie’s father died and she had to leave her family behind. Her mother also died soon after her father.

They fall in love
In “Ethan Frome,” Alfred Hitchcock created a film that would read like a tombstone. Its theme is unrelieved dreariness, and he erases love with irony. Ethan, a former college student nicknamed “Old Stiff,” returned home to tend to his parents’ farm and mill, as well as his sick mother. The solitary, tongue-tied Ethan wants to make contact.

The novel portrays an interesting relationship between Ethan Frome and Mattie. They fall in love, and Mattie falls in love with Ethan. The two fall in love, but Ethan is too conventional to make a move. However, they spend an evening together in blissful happiness. Later, Zeena discovers that Ethan is in love with another woman and banishes her to her mother’s farm. This famous scene has become an iconic scene from the book.

They resolve to kill themselves by sledding down a treacherous incline into an ancient elm
The story begins with a man, Ethan Frome, who is obsessed with elm trees. After his wife leaves him, he flings news about his obsession at her. The porch was dark, and a dead cucumber-vine hung from a nearby pillar. Ethan felt like he was still kissing Zeena, even though his love was fixed on the same resolution.

Ethan Frome had loved nature and had always wanted to become an engineer. He didn’t like living in the big city, though, and had never gotten used to the idea. Besides, he felt isolated and lonely. The idea of spending time in an urban setting was not something that suited him.

Zeena tells him that he’s gay in her presence
The moment when Zeena tells Ethan frome to his face is one of the most powerful scenes in the film. She reveals that she’s gay because he made her queer. The girl would never have thought that her husband is gay. But the cumulative effect of the scenes tells a story of Toby Frome’s tortured psyche.

The narrator’s voice imposes an order to the story. In addition to calling Ethan gay, he also tells him that he’s gay in her presence. As a result, the reader is unable to decipher her voice. Moreover, her voice acts as the law in the story. The author uses brevity and economy of language to create a scene. However, this does not mean that Wharton’s people were simple and straightforward.

Mattie Silver is a mother-figure in his life
Zeena does not discover that Ethan and Mattie are having an affair, and neither does she say anything about it. The only thing Zeena does find is a broken pickle dish. This brings only tears to Zeena’s eyes. Zeena is horrified to learn that Mattie is using the dish to serve him supper, which is sacrilegious to her. Later, Ethan decides to glue the dish together.

Zeena returns the following day and offers to hire a girl to care for Mattie. Ethan objects on financial grounds, but Zeena explains that Mattie is going away tomorrow with her cousin. When he tells Mattie that he is going away, she panics and melts against him. He kisses her in terror.

Frome’s transformation from a positive to a negative force in his life
The first chapter of The Corrections explores the male fear of women and the repercussions of maternal rejection on Ethan’s behavior and life. The author presents Zeena Frome, a woman who replaces his mother in the household, as the embodiment of this fear. While Zeena is not a mother-figure in the traditional sense, she transforms into a negative force by taking advantage of the male sex-biased social system to manipulate Ethan from an early age.

The novel explores the different options for education and making one’s way in the world, and also examines the trend toward urbanization that began in the 1920s and affected the town of Starkfield. Ethan Frome also examines how the lumber industry has changed since the late 19th century, and how small operators can benefit from the changing times. While the novel depicts life in small towns, the novel’s premise suggests that if Ethan had more access to modern technology and knowledge, he could have taken advantage of his opportunity to improve his own life.

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