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As you write your Bridge essay, be respectful and understanding of people's lives and choices. The Bridge is an impactful 2006 documentary, which tells the story of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and provides insight into many people’s lives that were lost on it due to suicide. As families and survivors tell their stories, you find yourself unable to contain your grief. In Bridge essays people speak of suicide – a topic that sparks controversy of opinions and triggers various types of emotional response. Want to know what ideas people express in their essays on Bridge? Look through Bridge essay samples below for guidance on your essay. Samples of essays provided for you can help you evaluate different points of view on a topic and help discover your own.

A Truss Analysis

A truss is a structure consisting of beams that are triangularly connected and applied in costructing buildings and bridges (Taranath, 2016). A framework comprising of cross-members that are connected using pin joints and supported at both ends using rollers or hinged joints is considered to be statically determinate (Hibbeler, 2015)....

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Tabiat Bridge architectural work

The Tabiat Bridge, one of the most costly bridges in the world, is the biggest and most magnificent architectural creation in Iran. Although it is near a metropolis and some natural features, it is constructed over an open runway. It links two lovely parks, measuring 270 meters in length. Due...

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The cause of tacoma bridge failure

Failure in engineering structures and parts is largely due to the design level. This can arise as a result of the failure to understand the relationship of force between the system and its components and the environment in which it is to be implemented. The climate here applies to other...

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The cause of tacoma bridge collapse

The Tacoma Bridge was built between 1938 and 1940. It was 5000 feet long, 39 feet wide, with two lanes of traffic, and 2800 feet long. The bridge was built in the state of Washington. According to data on the history of suspension bridges, the findings show that many were...

Words: 1760

Pages: 7

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