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Experiment of Establishing the Consistency, Density, and Compressive Strength of Concrete

This paper is based on an experiment of establishing the consistency, density, and compressive strength of concrete. The experiment involves casting of 12 sets of concrete cubes to with three different water to cement ratios. Therefore, four sets of cubes are prepared using one W/C ratio. The essence of making...

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The Construction Process

The work explains the process followed in the construction of a building. The steps are discussed from the basement plan to the last step that shows the final structure obtained. The steps include; basement plan, ground floor, tower plan, elevation, and sections respectively. Basement Plan Artificial lighting is installed in all areas...

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Construction Management

Construction management is the service provider to the project developers and bears the responsibility to oversee the entire work from the beginning to the end. The types of services offered by the construction management include the designing and building projects.  The primary role construction management is to control cost time...

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The Importance of Geotechnical Investigations in the Construction of a Building

The Construction Challenges The construction of concrete buildings in areas with structural challenges is difficult. Thus, the ongoing report incorporates theoretical applications of building and construction technology to help address the inadequacies presented by the area selected for construction. Inadequate analysis and investment into a construction site might compromise the structural...

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Construction Management

Construction work can be defined as any work done in connection to alteration, maintenance, construction, commissioning, conversion, repair, renovation, dismantling, demolition or decommissioning of a structure or even preparation of a building site (Global Voices). There is nothing more rewarding to construction managers than seeing their projects getting completed (Safe...

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Construction Industry in the United Kingdom

Construction Industry is a very diverse industry that includes a wide range of activities. Some of these activities include mining, quarrying, manufacturing and the supplying of products, constructing of infrastructures, and forestry. Studies have shown that this industry comprises of more than 9% of the GDP of most developed nations...

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A Brief Commentary That Critically Appraises and Justifies Your Company’s Approach to Pricing the Work

As an Assistant Estimator, you have been asked by the Senior Estimator to price the Groundworks on the project, the details of which are given on the extract from the Bills of Quantities. You also been asked to price the Preliminaries as well. You are required to provide the following:- •A...

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The Feasibility Study of a Speculative Office Project

Unit 1: Design Principles and Application for Construction and the Built Environment Feasibility Study Report Background Information             This report entails the preparation of a feasibility study for developing a speculative office project as commissioned by a client. The project, which involves redeveloping an existing stone-clad building, is located in a city center....

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Three Key Design Philosophies for Multi-Storey Buildings

In order to establish the integrity of multi-storey buildings, three key design philosophies are used: permissible stress; load factor; and limit state approach. The approaches are important as they facilitate the attainment of serviceability, economy, safety and functionality conditions. The approaches are elaborated further below. Permissible stress method             Bhavikatti (2010) notes...

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Planning in Construction Projects

Building construction is a rewarding, significant but complex process. The construction project usually begins with a concept and ends in a structure that might house people for many years. Nevertheless, the planning stage of the construction projects needs an orderly and well-planned assembly of all the needed resources. Articulation of...

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The Different Types of Low-Rise Construction

In recent years, most construction of buildings is conducted using both the ancient and modern methods. Buildings existed from long ago history which were constructed mainly for reasons of shelter provision. However, modern buildings have undergone revolutionary changes including the use of various types of construction materials such as timber,...

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The Building Process

The building process and factors that inform it The building process is informed by numerous factors that include the suitability of the materials, the nature and number of structural components, and the skills set possessed by the construction managers and engineers. The principal roles of this report are the examination of...

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