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The Kansas City Gun Experiment

The Kansas City gun experiment was a failure for many reasons. Most gun studies failed to measure certain factors, including Location, Internal consistency, and Test-retest reliability. This article explores these issues. However, one aspect of the experiment that has not been adequately evaluated is the level of impact it had…

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Capacitance is a basic electrical property

Capacity is a common electrical property that can be used in circuits to perform certain functions that include storing and unloading of charge. Capacity estimation is subject to a variety of considerations and requires a sophisticated instrument. In this experiment, the capacitance is determined using a digital multimeter and the…

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Are the experimental methods adequately described?

The methods used in the analysis were adequately identified by the researchers in this report. The design approach has been known as cross-sectional design. In addition, the researchers have justified the reason for using this approach and why it is appropriate for the study given. For the research question, the…

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Lab Report on Determination of an Unknown Liquid

In order to identify an unknown liquid through experiment, one has to find unique data regarding the furnished fluid. The most important data in this test include the boiling point, density, mass, and volume of the liquid. Though insignificant in the willpower of an unknown liquid, initial and final burette…

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The Trolley Issue

The trolley dilemma is a one-of-a-kind example of a difficult ethical experiment. It examines the ethics and values of making decisions that affect people’s lives, as shown by other ethical dilemmas such as the transplant and the bystander at the turn (Thomson, 2017). When the same moral principles are applied…

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Design of an electrical car

This article is a laboratory study on the construction of an electric vehicle. The main aim of the experiment was to build and create an electric vehicle. This was done by identifying the myriad fundamental problems in car production, such as balance, energy losses and other forces of nature that…

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Engineering Air Bag

In this experiment, we inspect the airbag systems for the automobile industry. The vehicle industry has used the airbags composed of a chemical compound known as sodium azide (NaN3). However, environmental chemists have criticized the use of NaN3 due to its environmental air pollution since it is a toxic chemical….

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The Project in Manhattan and Atomic Bomb Creation

Study on the characteristics of radioactivity and how to create a nuclear fission mechanism began in Europe and North America in the 1930’s. This research, undertaken in Canada, the United States, Poland, France, Italy, Germany and England by different teams, was to be included later in the Manhattan Project. Before…

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Tuskegee syphilis experiment

In order to prevent the subject from causing physical, psychological or emotional distress, the experiment Tuskegeen syphilis breaks a first golden rule of ethical science. Therapy without anesthesia was administered and participants suffered from physical discomfort. The experiment also violated second golden rule, which calls for respondents to be made…

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