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Experiment of Establishing the Consistency, Density, and Compressive Strength of Concrete

This paper is based on an experiment of establishing the consistency, density, and compressive strength of concrete. The experiment involves casting of 12 sets of concrete cubes to with three different water to cement ratios. Therefore, four sets of cubes are prepared using one W/C ratio. The essence of making...

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Experimental Analysis of Fluid Flow in Pipes

The smooth flow in pipes can be divided into laminar and turbulent flow using the critical velocity. The flow pattern is determined by the diameter of the pipe, flow rate, density and viscosity (Assefa and Kaushal). Thus a set of dimensionless groups can be determined using the following variables Where  is the...

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Laboratory Experiment explained

The lab is aimed at investigating the relation between the head loss and the mean velocity in the pipes either during the laminar and turbulent flow regimes. The experimental data will be collected from two type of pipes, i.e. a small smooth pipe in both laminar and turbulent regimes and...

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Experiment to Determine the Spring Constant of a Spring

Ø To investigate the spring constants of springs in series and parallel arrangements. Ø To investigate the Spring Constant of two different springs. INTRODUCTION In this laboratory exercise we were conduct an experiment to determine the spring constant of a spring and then investigate the effect of putting the spring in...

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Hooke's Law Experiment

Hooke’s law refers to a physics principle which states that “the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load (force) applied to it.” The law is used to approximate the elasticity of a string or response of elastic bodies. Hooke’s experiment also illustrates the relationship between the...

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Experiment to Determine the Spring Constant of Springs

The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the spring constants of springs in parallel and series configurations. First, the spring constant for a single spring was investigated then spring constants for springs in parallel and series arrangements was also investigated and analyzed. The experiment was based on the Hooke’s...

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Hooke's Law Explained

Hooke’s Law explains the behaviour of the spring and other linearly elastic objects. According to the Hooke’s Law, the stress is always directly proportional to the strain. The aim of the Hooke’s Law experiment was to investigate and verify Hooke’s Law and the acceleration due to gravity with a linearly...

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Experimental Procedure and Equipment

This paper is a lab report for an experiment on the calibration of a differential pressure transducer. Through this experiment, we will be able to measure the accuracy of the differential pressure transducer. Ideally, this equipment works in accordance with the principle of static differential pressure measurement. The pressure transducer...

Words: 1938

Pages: 8

Animal Experimentation Ethics

Cambridge, Both. “Animal Research Is a Source of Human Compassion, Not Shame.” Lancet 364.9437 (2004): 815–816. Web. This source offers evidence-based arguments on animal rights and the effects of scientific research projects that often compromise the integrity of such rights. The author recognizes the position that animals have a right not to...

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The Effect of Forces on the Bending Moment of a Beam

In engineering and other fields related to it, bending moment is defined as a measure of the reaction produced by an element such as a beam when an external force or moment is applied to a structural element, thereby causing the element to bend (Gere and Timoshenko, 1996). Simply put,...

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Experiment to Determine Absorbance of Food Dye

This paper is a lab report on the determination of the absorptivity value of food dye. It starts off with listing the objectives for the experiment and then it goes on to describe some bit of theory on the experiment itself. Beer’s law which states that Absorbance of light of...

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Bending Theory of a Simply Supported Beam

In determining the reactions of a statically indeterminate beam, several methods can be used. This project aims at assessing the reaction of beams at the supports when loads are subjected. To achieve this, the project uses a support frame, reaction support piers, beam specimen, a meter ruler, and a set...

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