Non-verbal Communication

Kinesics also referred to as body language is a study and interpretation of body behavior and movement. It denotes to non-verbal communication through communicative body movements subject to different analysis based on the cultural orientation of the users. Emblems, regulators, illustrators, affect display, and adaptors are some of the kinesics...

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CTML: Multimedia Principle

In this image, I used tools found in the Pixlr online editor to make the picture more appealing. First, I employed the use of gradient tool, which created a whitish background on the edges. Then a cropped the design to remove some parts of the background and added text to...

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Lesson of The Stanford Prison Experiment

The author of the article “The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment” describes a study that was conducted in 1971 by Philip Zimbardo and his colleagues to examine the impact of perceived power (Konnikova, 2015). The background of the experiment was Zimbardo’s intention to determine the origin of the...

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College Tuition Is Too High? An Analysis of An Online Article From The New York Times

Is College Tuition Too High? An analysis of an online article from the New York Times online magazine source of “Is College Tuition Really too High?” Financing of a college education has become a great challenge since the cost of higher learning keeps increasing tremendously while the income of families is...

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Impact of Computer-Mediated Communication on College Drinking

The study sought to determine the impact of computer-mediated communication (CMC) such as private messaging and social networking sites are related to collegiate drinking (Jensen, Hussong " Baik, 2018). The sample of the study was focused on the Korean and U.S college students. The findings revealed that the private text...

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The Importance of Interpersonal Communication in Pharmacy

A human being is known to be a social animal. Therefore, it needs to communicate with another person through some modes. Interpersonal communication skills are the set of process that allows a person to communicate with another person on a face-to-face basis to relay information, emotions, meanings, or feelings through...

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Uses And Gratification Theory

Uses and Gratification Theory (UGT) tries to find out why people look out for the media and how they utilize it. The UGT is different from other media effect models because it carries the assumption that people have power and control on the use of the media, instead of looking...

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The Importance of Technology in Early Childhood Education

Teachers of early childcare have different roles in molding the lives of their candidates. These teachers get entrusted on the tasks of educating and caring for the toddlers, addressing the obstacles faced by the learning children and fostering their social development. Just like in any other career, these teachers have...

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International Postgraduate Student Culture

A longitudinal based study carried out in 2010 reported a high influx of students from East Asian countries to Europe for higher studies (Wu and Hammond, 2011). The study which majorly recruited students from East Asia that had enrolled for campus based studies was seek to investigate the challenges faced...

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An Analysis of Youth Work in Nigeria

The definition of youth varies in different settings but is generally used to refer to young people (Ruspini 8). In most countries, regions, and communities, youths are considered and defined as young people aged between thirteen and eighteen. Since young people develop under different circumstances with varied perspectives and priorities,...

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Correlation of Moral Concerns and Feminism in Men

There is a great misunderstanding in the world especially for men who are feminists. Supporting feminist ideology has always been associated with an array of negative labels including being gay in the context of men and lesbianism in women. The obstacles that men face in supporting feminism are based on...

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Literature Review Computers

The proposal aims at improving access of computers to help students in the campus with their schoolwork. Improved computer access amongst students can have a direct effect on the way they perform since computers can store extensive information that can be retrieved with ease, help in presentations of schoolwork, has...

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