Zara and H&M Comparative Analysis on Brand Strategy

This section provides the results of the study that was undertaken the previous sections with reference to Zara and H M in United Kingdom. As such, the section is organised in three portions, including brand loyalty, brand strategy, and financial brand equity. The summary section provides findings on the UK...

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Pages: 14

Impacts of Terrorist Attacks on People's Perception of London as a Touristic Destination

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the impacts of terroristic attacks on people’s perception of London as a tourism destination. The problem which the study intends to solve is to gauge the possibility of terror attacks affecting the London’s tourism especially noting that the industry employs several people...

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Pages: 12

"Dissertation Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements Of BA (Hons) Name Of The Degree Programme Of Northumbria University"

Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of BA (HONS) Name of the Degree Programme of Northumbria University” Declaration and Word Count I declare that:- 1) All “the material contained in this dissertation is the resultant of my work, and the necessary acknowledgment of other sources...

Words: 4955

Pages: 19

A Case Study on Cultural Misperceptions

Dyadic communication refers to a verbal communication restricted to two people about ideas and beliefs regarding anything. Even a telephonic communication between two people comes under this category. There are two types of dyadic communications: Formal Dyadic Communication This refers to a form of communication taking place on a formal platform, such...

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Types of Research Designs

A research design A research design is considered as a guide or framework for analysis, implementation, and planning of research or a study. It is the guide used in answering the hypothesis or the research question. Obtaining information in social science relevant to the research problem calls for the specification of...

Words: 609

Pages: 3

Multifamily Group Intervention to Increase Antipsychotic Medication Adherence

With the common relapse among patients suffering from Schizophrenia, this research sought to identify the most suitable intervention to increase medication adherence among patients taking antipsychotic medications and especially the difficult groups to treat. In this case, the study used the multifamily group (MFG) intervention with the incorporation of the...

Words: 446

Pages: 2

Evaluation of Self-testing as a Study Strategy for Exam Preparation

Although restudying is widely thought as the most effective learning strategy, it has been argued that repeated testing rather than restudying is more effective for learning information. Consequently, this paper focuses on establishing the most effective strategy to study for exams by comparing the effectiveness of repeated testing, specifically self-testing...

Words: 1361

Pages: 5

The Causes of Unhappiness in Our Society

An article was published in Time Magazine’s online version claiming that one of the major causes of unhappiness in our society is the use of cellular phones at the dinner table. The article is based on a recent study which focused on mobile phones being one of the major causes...

Words: 738

Pages: 3

The Use of Gestures in Communication

Purpose of the Study (In your own words) - What were the authors studying and why? What did they expect to find (i.e., what were the hypotheses?)             The journal Action Speaks Louder That Gesture When You Are 2 Years Old entails a discussion about a study on the behavioural aspects...

Words: 974

Pages: 4

The Effects of School Structural and Individual Factors on Academic Achievement of African American Students

Concerning Melissa`s plan to study the factors that may be associated with criminal behavior in rural, low-income parts of Northwest Florida, the article by Fries et al. (2013) can be used to respond to the student`s study. The aim of the research in the article was to find out the...

Words: 441

Pages: 2

The Effects of Sleep on My Classroom Performance

According to Frenda " Fenn (2016), there exists a direct association between sleep and better classroom performance including enhanced retention and memory. Various theories define the biological processes that take place in the human brain during sleep. A study done by Hodge et al. (2012) conveyed that the human mind...

Words: 948

Pages: 4

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Comparison Studies and Case Studies

Severe deprivation means extreme lack of things that people consider essential in life and economic hardship that is persistent, acute and compounded (Desmond, 2015). Some Americans have experienced severe deprivation despite them living in one of the world’s superpower countries. In 2010, 20.5 million Americans were said to live in...

Words: 1587

Pages: 6

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